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Chobani Less Sugar Class Action

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Chobani Less Sugar Yogurt Class Action – Misleading Advertisement Leads To Lawsuit

Chobani LLC in Hot Water With 45% Less Sugar Labeling

Chobani’s reduced-sugar yogurts use cane sugar, but it is relatively unknown to consumers. 

The National Advertising Division (NAD) didn’t think it was clear to Chobani customers, and because of an inquiry started by a challenge from Danone, a competitor of Chobani, NAD proposed that Chobani change their claim to avoid misleading customers.

Less Sugar Greek Yogurt is claiming that it has 45% less sugar than other yogurt products, but it doesn’t include all other yogurts in its generalized claim.

Details About the Case

The company is in a bind because of a class-action lawsuit filed against them, blaming them for deceiving customers about the sugar content in its reduced-sugar Greek yogurt products compared to other brands.

Chobani may have agreed to NAD’s recommendation, but their labeling is the focus of the lawsuit as allegations cite their labeling where it says 45% less sugar than competing brands doesn’t cover all but cherry-picks their competitors.

Plaintiffs insist that the product actually has only 25% less sugar when compared to other brands. They allege that they would not have bought the product if not for the product’s misleading labeling.

The plaintiffs are suing Chobani LLC of negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and violations of New York’s General Business Law and are seeking unspecified money damages.

Editor’s Note on the Chobani Class Action Lawsuit:

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