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Chipotle Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit

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Chipotle Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit Details – Hidden Fees & False Schemes

Chipotle Dupes Customers, Hides Extra Delivery And Service Fees For Its Food Delivery Service – Lawsuit

Chipotle is being sued by a New York customer after it allegedly hid the actual delivery costs and other expenses incurred to its customers when placing an order through its delivery service. 

John Dundon filed a class action lawsuit against the Mexican food chain Chipotle – contending that its ‘free delivery’ or ‘$1 delivery’ advertising is false. 

Plaintiff Dundon detailed an incident involving him placing an order over at Chipotle’s online delivery service. 

He shares that they ordered a Sofritas Tofu Burrito Bowl and ended up being charged $10.10 for his purchase. 

When he did the math, he could have saved more than a dollar if he ended up going to a Chipotle branch and have it picked up instead. 

The complainant also shared that his order has a more than two dollars ‘service fee’ as part of the whole transaction. 

The complaint claims that this incident just shows that the company uses hidden delivery charges, which makes its promise of free delivery untrue. 

It also contends that Chipotle is secretly jacking up the prices of its product offerings whenever a customer orders them at the company’s food delivery services application. 

These markups go as high as 15 percent on burritos, tacos, and quesadillas compared to those bought in-store. 

Not only that, but Chipotle also adds in a line item referred to as taxes and fees in the transaction invoice, which, when scrutinized, is a decile of the total food cost in every transaction made. 

All of these happens under the guise of the company’s secrecy and lack of transparency of the truth about their delivery charges. 

Other companies such as Del Taco and El Pollo Loco, known Chipotle competitors, openly disclose the actual costs of their respective delivery charges scheme. 

Dundon argues that had he known the truth about Chipotle’s hidden additional illegal fees, he would have made other decisions. 

The Chipotle Hidden Delivery Fees Class Action Lawsuit is filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York. 

It is seeking to create a nationwide Class as well as a Class for New York residents who ordered through Chipotle’s food delivery service and ended up receiving additional hidden charges in their transaction.  

Chipotle company information:

Chipotle, officially known as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc., is a fast-casual restaurant chain known for its Mexican-inspired dish offerings. 

Headed by its CEO Brian Niccol, the company’s headquarters is at Newport Beach, California. 

With over two thousand locations all over the United States and a handful of others overseas, the company recorded a revenue of more than five billion dollars in 2019. 

Editor’s Note on Chipotle Delivery Charges Class Action Lawsuit:

This news goal is to inform you of the latest class lawsuit raised against Chipotle for allegedly hiding excess delivery fees on its food delivery service to its customers.

The restaurant chain is said to have misled customers with its gimmick of “free delivery” or “$1 delivery fees.” 

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