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Champion Petfoods Class Action Investigation; False Marketing For Acana & Orijen Brands

Learn More About The Champion Petfoods Class Action Investigation

Champion Petfoods, a pet food company with headquarters in Edmonton, Canada, is under investigation for its products’ alleged misrepresented and inaccurate labels.  

The products in question are the Acana and Orijen product offerings. These products have a label on their packaging stating that they contain “free-run poultry” and/or “wild-caught fish”. 

In recent reports, several attorneys are currently looking into claims made by two different advocacy groups accusing Champion Petfoods of false and deceptive advertising. 

In fact, the two advocacy groups have already filed cases against the company separately. Animal Equity, a non-profit organization, has filed a lawsuit that specifically points out the company’s claims of its products containing “wild-caught fish” to be false. They have backed their case with a laboratory test, which they have commissioned. 

On the other hand, the Organic Consumers Association, a Minnesota-based non-profit, has taken a swipe off the company’s declaration that their products contain “free-run poultry” ingredients. They have alleged in their case that the company is in fact sourcing its supply from a contract grower that also works for food giant Tyson Foods.

The aforementioned cases were only filed to ask Champion Petfoods to change how they advertise their products. However, the damage that their misdeeds may have caused is still yet to be determined and/or given compensation for.

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