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Capital One & Amazon Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Capital One & Amazon Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Did They Fail To Protect Consumers Data On Purpose?

Class Action Lawsuit: Capital One And Amazon Failed To Protect Private User Data From Hackers

The latest class action lawsuit names are Capital One and Amazon for allegedly allowing more than hundreds of millions of Americans and Canadians to fall victim to data breaches supposedly happening under their watchful eyes. 

The quartet of plaintiffs Gary Ziekicke, Sara Sharp, Brandon Hausauer, and Brandi Edmondson has contended that the two companies failed to protect and uphold the best interests of its customers by allowing hackers to break in on their servers and steal valuable personal information of millions of clients. 

For Capital One, the class action lawsuit contends that the 2019 Capital One Data Breach Incident affected private individuals and business owners who have applied for a credit card and other financial services products being offered by Capital One between the years 2005 and 2019. 

A variety of types of private personal information were allegedly exposed and stolen by professional hackers. They range from Social Security Numbers, sensitive personal financial information to names and addresses of individuals. 

On the other hand, Amazon failed to detect a data breach orchestrated by one of its employees, leading to countless Amazon customers getting exposed to possible privacy attacks and fraud issues after their personal information was leaked online. 

The class action argues that both Capital One and Amazon have failed to do the necessary steps to keep their customers’ private personal information safe from professional hackers whose bread and butter is stealing sensitive personal information from companies. 

Capital One, the plaintiffs claim, has the resources that it can readily tap into and could have done so in the past to prevent the data breach. 

However, that was not the case as the company did only minimal steps in enforcing data security. 

Filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, the Capital One And Amazon Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit seeks to establish and represent a nationwide Class of similarly situated customers of both companies whose private personal information got compromised in the aforementioned data breach incidents. 

The plaintiffs are also asking the court to ask both companies to take further steps and enact tougher security measures in order to prevent such data breaches from ever happening again in the future. 

Editor’s Note on Capital One & Amazon Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This feature aims to bring you the latest news regarding the class action filed against companies Amazon and Capital One.

Both have fallen victim to separate data breaches that led to their client’s information getting leaked online.

The incident has put into risk millions of individuals to potential fraud issues and they allegedly did not do everything they can in order to prevent the data breaches from occurring. 

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