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Capella University Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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Capella University Class Action Lawsuit Over Bait and Switch Allegations

A consumer class-action lawsuit was filed against the for-profit college, Capella University. The Capella University Class Action lawsuit alleges that the school was operating a bait and switch doctoral degree program. Specifically, the Capella University Lawsuit claims that the university misleadingly represented the time and cost it would take its doctoral students to complete a degree at the university when, according to the suit, the Capella University designed the doctoral programs to take longer than it promised students.

The Capella University class action complaint alleges that Capella University essentially operated a “bait and switch” program. The bait was displayed when Capella’s marketing materials and recruiters misled prospective and current students making misleading statements about the time to completion and cost of their mostly student-loan financed doctoral degrees: Plaintiff Wright was told her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree would take two years and cost approximately $35,000, and Plaintiff Kennedy was told that PhDs in Education or Doctoral Degrees in Education would cost approximately $45,000-$55,000 and take three to three-and-a-half years to complete. Capella’s marketing materials, recruiters, and student handbooks (upon information and belief all prepared and/or located in Minnesota) also reassured prospective students that after their doctoral course work, colloquium, and/or field hours were completed, they would be awarded a doctoral degree. Capella doctoral students signed up for the program and completed their classes, colloquium, and/or field hours. Once the doctoral students were committed, having invested significant amounts of time and money in the program completing their coursework, problems began. Instead of completing the promised doctoral degree program requirements and being awarded a doctoral degree in the advertised time, Capella employed the “switch.” Capella created an endless routine of hurdles and benefitted from additional tuition payments. Students who believed they were getting ever closer to obtaining their doctoral degree were in fact stuck with decreasing resources, faculty turnover, disorganization and a lack of oversight, all of which increased the length of the doctoral students’ enrollments at Capella.

A full copy of the Capella University Lawsuit is below:

Editor’s note on the Capella University Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent Capella University Lawsuit. If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the class action, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

If you believe that what is alleged in the Capella University class action has affected you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you take a step in the right direction, fight this issue, and better enable you to join the consumer class action. If interested, please send an email to, find us on Twitter or Facebook, or even connect with us directly on our website! We look forward to hearing from you all.

For your reference, the case can be found under the title: Wright et al v. Capella Education Company and Capella University, Inc., Case No. 18-cv-1062, D. MN.

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1 thoughts on “Capella University Class Action Lawsuit Over Bait and Switch Allegations”

  • Sandra M Sherman says:

    OMG! Finally, someone has put into writing exactly what I have experienced as an Undergraduate student at this university! I am so frustrated that I can barely type!! I have emailed the FA department, called only to remain on hold nonstop and NO ONE CAN HELP ME EVER!! To give a synopsis, “I should of ran from the beginning”! I took a reading comprehension exam, to which I magically failed, so I retook magically failed again! This was to start in Flex Path immediately. When I questioned this as I was an A student in reading and comprehension at my previous College, they stated that, “no one sees the scored, I just see pass or fail”! So, I go on, get high pressure phone calls to join the university. Lo and behold, I received a $7,000 scholarship, as a new student!! I was so excited! Oh but then, I was informed part of it $2,000 was for Sophie classes however, “I cannot use this, because I do not need any Sophie course, I completed all these basic courses at my other college. OK, so I play the game registering in the dreaded Guided Path, then they say I cannot be considered for Flex Path until 6-2018, I continue on and achieve a 4.00 GPA, thinking now I can finally breathe and get that big scholarship of $5,000 at this point. Well, I received $500.00. Then I was so excited to finally move to Flex Path in 6-2018, until you guessed it, I WAS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE $5,000!!! Now, I work 6 Days a week and am out of loans according to them so, every billing cycle I am receiving less Grants, and now my FA has been reevaluated at least 6 times in less then a year.

    I have sent numerous letters, never to receive more then a pretyped letter. Today, I received another pretyped letter stating that this and that was wrong with my FASFA. I went into the website FASFA was completed in 11-2018 with upload from my 2017 taxes, my SAR was 0, my Salary is the same, Capella has had me paying a huge bill every billing cycle now. My student loan company which I have spoken to numerous times, states that all disbursements are completed through the college. I believe if I was out of loans, the SL co would mention that!

    I am disgusted with the unethical actions of this college and, “I WOULD NOT DO A GRADUATE DEGREE HERE IF IT WERE FREE, PERIOD”!

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