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Breyers Vanilla Bean Low Fat Ice Cream Class Action – No Vanilla Beans!

The Breyers Delights Vanilla Bean Low Fat Ice Cream creators are being taken to court.

This is because their so-called vanilla-flavored ice cream is being falsely advertised to contain actual vanilla ingredients.

The class action lawsuit states that Conopco Inc. is misleading its consumers by claiming that their product contains vanilla beans.

It displays the actual words in the packaging with a photo of a vanilla plant that has seeds in the pod when the product does not necessarily contain the ingredients shown.

As seen in the results of the investigation done by the plaintiff and attorneys, the product Breyers Delights Vanilla Bean Low Fat Ice Cream of Conopco Inc. instead contains “natural flavors,” which provide the distinct flavor of vanilla.

Therefore, the lawsuit is being filed to call out the misleading advertising of false information conducted by Conopco Inc. in their marketing strategy.

Consumers of Conopco Inc.’s product are consequently being misled by the company’s use of the words “Vanilla bean” in the front label of the packaging. 

The use of visual presentations of vanilla pods results in consumers believing that the product indeed contains the products presented.

How does the mislabeling of a product directly harm consumers? 

Plaintiff’s class action lawsuit intends to point out that customers have the right to know the truth behind the products that they are purchasing. 

Besides, customers are entitled to know which products contain natural flavors and which do not, as per their preferences.

The lawsuit’s official filing states that “…consumers rely upon the Product’s front label, and reasonable consumers, do in fact, rely on the Product’s front label to state the nature of its ingredient honestly.”

This goes to show how consumers, may it be any product there is, unconsciously depend on the product’s creators to be open when it comes to sharing what their products contain.

Due to cases like these, consumers instead end up making purchases that are persuaded by false information.

Furthermore, the lawsuit states that the act of misleadingly promoting their product to have vanilla beans when it does not is unjust for consumers.

It gives an idea of what is not there, which can sway an individual’s decision to consume a product. In a way, the act of deception in marketing is a corrupt way of advertising.

The lawsuit aims for the plaintiff, together with the class of consumers of the product in Massachusetts, to be brought to justice by relieving them from being victims of false advertisement.

The defendant, Conopco Inc., is being sought to reinvent its front label and make it so that all information presented is hereby accurate and not deceiving.

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