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Brasscraft Class Action Lawsuit

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Brasscraft Class Action Lawsuit – Low Quality Plumbing Items

A case was filed against EZ-Flo International, Inc. back in 2018. The said case, known as the Brasscraft EZ-Flow class action settlement, covers property owners whose homes or rental units contain yellow brass plumbing components manufactured by EZ-Flo International.

Affected consumers may be able to get cash from the said settlement.

Complainants of the said case assert in the lawsuit that they have incurred damages from the potable water plumbing system sold by EZ-Flo. 

In particular, the product being questioned is the yellow brass EZ-Flo potable water plumbing system, which plaintiffs claim to have been made of inferior materials that caused damages in their homes.

EZ-Flo International has not acknowledged any wrongdoings and charges from the lawsuit.

The company continues to affirm that their products and their parts, including stop valves, connectors, and fittings, are of high quality and comply with standards, laws, and codes. 

Despite this, the company has consented to compensate affected consumers of the Brasscraft EZ-Flow potable water plumbing systems for any damages that the product may have caused, including but not limited to leaks, water flow issues, and inoperable valves.

The final hearing regarding the case was on March 8, 2019. Class members may no longer exclude or file objections to the settlement since the deadline has already passed in February of the same year.

Nonetheless, customers who fall under this category are eligible to make claims to EZ-Flo International – class members who “own or have owned a Property Unit(s) located in the United States.” 

In the said clause, “Property Unit” covers individuals who own residential or commercial property. 

Properties containing covered products manufactured “up to ten (10) years before the Effective Date” are eligible to file a claim. 

The Effective Date that was determined in the settlement is June 7, 2019. 

Covered product brands include Eastman, EZ-Flo, and Plumbwell, while covered product categories include water supply connectors, stop valves, brass fittings, and brass valves.

Consumers may potentially earn $100 to $3,500, depending on their claims. Various claims can be made by affected customers as agreed upon in terms of the settlement, including damages related to exterior meringue deposit, leaks, occlusions, and inoperable valves. EZ-Flo offers to pay for replacements and damage caused by leaks.

There are different deadlines for filing claims depending on the damage and type of claims:

  • Exterior Meringue Deposits – no later than June 7, 2020; 1 year after Effective Date
  • Occlusions or Inoperable Valves – no later than June 7, 2022; 3 years after Effective Date
  • Leaks – no later than June 7, 2022; 3 years after Effective Date.

Affected customers will need to file a claim form. In addition to this, claimants would need to provide the following information as proof of purchase and support their claims – property address, product types, proof date of manufacture, and supporting documentation.

Supporting documentation required depends on the type of claim, but it can include photos, affidavit, and property damage evidence.

Note that it is strongly advised not to file claims, especially for consumers who do not qualify and fall under the eligibility clause.

Since the submission of claims falls under penalty of perjury, submitting false claims is considered fraudulent and may harm eligible class members. Retailers, wholesalers, insurers, and contractors providing extended service and warranties are excluded from making claims.

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