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Bob’s Discount Furniture Class Action Lawsuit

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Bob’s Discount Furniture Class Action Lawsuit Launched For False Goof Proof Warranty Claims

Goof Proof Warranty Is Misleading At Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture is being sued for allegedly misleading consumers with their Goof Proof warranty. 

Consumers claim that they were led to believe that furniture damage from “liquids, food or beverage stains, pen markings, cosmetics, and rips, tears, cuts, and punctures” were included in the warranty.

However, the retail company has denied warranty claims submitted by consumers that filed the claims for these reasons.

The class action lawsuit also alleges that Bob’s Discount Furniture receives “undisclosed incentives or kickbacks” from Guardian Insurance for every Goof Proof warranty it sells. 

Sales personnel are also said to receive bonuses for selling a number of warranties and are conversely penalized if they don’t.

Consumers also claim that the furniture is ‘poorly made’ and that Bob’s Discount Furniture collects the premiums for Goof Proof but rejects claims saying that the damage does not meet the criteria for coverage as they are not accidental.

Read more about the case under the name: Glover et al. v. Bob’s Discount Furniture, LLC, Case No. 20-cv-10924, SD. NY.

‘Poor Quality’ Furniture And Frustrating Claims Process Part Of Goof Proof Warranty Scheme

According to the class action lawsuit, the ‘poor quality’ of the furniture sold at Bob’s Discount Furniture makes it easier for the retailer to deny any obligation for any problems with the furniture. 

This suggests that the retailer can “more easily and unfairly attribute any accidental stain or rip to a product defect when there might be cause for overlap between what caused the damage.”

And when consumers file for a warranty claim on the qualified grounds given, they are denied claim for the reason that the damage or stain was not ‘accidental’ but was gotten because of ‘misuse.’

Consumers filing a claim also has to wait long times to speak with a representative in a “confusing endless circular phone tree” only to get disconnected. 

Some are even promised a call-back but never received one. This makes it even more difficult and impossible for consumers to get their valid claims honored.

A lot of pretexts are also being used by Bob’s Discount Furniture in denying warranty claims. 

Claims on damage caused by young children are said to not be ‘accidental’ as it is expected that children will cause stains or damage to furniture. 

Some damages are even tagged by the retailer as ‘normal wear and tear’ even though they are caused by accidental damage. 

Claims are also denied for rips and punctures that are tagged as ‘defects’ in the furniture.

The retailer also “regularly denies claims if a customer cannot identify the exact date within 30 days when the stain or damage occurred,” but it is fairly common for people to not notice stains or damage on their furniture on the day they occurred.

If a piece of furniture shows more than one marking, the warranty is also not honored because it is tagged as misuse. 

However, according to the class action lawsuit, consumers are not expected to “submit a claim on the warranty for the most minor and less visible markings or tears.” 

So, when the time that more prominent damage is reported, the furniture has likely more minor signs of damage. 

A claim of this nature is also denied because the damage is seen as “accumulated,” repetitive,” or “preventable.” 

Even when consumers send a photo of the damage in the furniture, Bob’s will identify other markings or rips in other areas of the furniture and use that to deny claims.

Bob’s assert that they encourage consumers to use the cleaning products they provide to take care of the stains and markings on the furniture. 

However, using the products would only delay the process and cause the 30-day window to lapse.

The retailer has also not reasonably defined what types of stains, rips, etc., are excessive, making it easier for them to use whatever reason to deny valid claims.

Had the consumers known, “they would not have bought the Warranty or would have paid less for them.”

Bob’s Discount Furniture is accused of breach of contract, fraud, unjust enrichment, negligent representation, and violating New York General Business Law.

A full copy of the Bob’s Discount Furniture Misleading Goof Proof Warranty Class Action Lawsuit can be found below:

[Glover et al. v. Bob’s Discount Furniture, LLC, Case No. 20-cv-10924, SD. NY.]

Editor’s Note on Bob’s Discount Furniture Class Action Lawsuit:

This piece is written about the recent Bob’s Discount Furniture Misleading Goof Proof Warranty Lawsuit. 

If you believe that what is alleged in the Bob’s Discount Furniture Misleading Goof Proof Warranty class action lawsuit has affected you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

We’d be happy to help you take a step in the right direction, fight this issue, and better enable you to join the consumer class action. 

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