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BMW LED Safety Lights Class Action Lawsuit 2021 430i LED Safety Features

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BMW LED Safety Lights Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – 430i Car Models Sold Without Any LED Safety Features…

BMW Falsely Advertised The Presence Of LED Safety Feature On Their Cars – Class Action

Car manufacturer BMW is being sued by an aggrieved customer after they allegedly sold them a vehicle that they marketed with a certain safety feature that was not actually present in the car. 

Buyer Deceived Into Thinking Their Car Has Safety Feature

BMW is being taken to a New Jersey court by a customer who bought a car from the company believing that it has a LED safety feature that ended up not being there all along. 

Gary Porter Jr., the lead plaintiff in the class action lawsuit, argued that the car company allegedly misled customers like him into believing that their vehicle offerings contained a safety feature that actually did not exist. 

Porter contended that select BMW car models were allegedly marketed by the company with a safety feature called LED or light-emitting diode headlights. 

These LED headlights are said to add safety value to the car by providing illumination to the car’s driver when they are driving around dark streetways. 

The complainant shared that they bought a 2021 BMW 430i model in late 2020, wholly believing the company’s promises of its safety features. In fact, Porter detailed that a window sticker was plastered on the car that said that the vehicle model indeed has the LED headlights cornering lights safety feature. 

However, he was surprised to find out that the BMW car that he just bought did not actually have the said safety features after the car company reached out to him via a letter stating the fact. He tried contacting company representatives about the matter, yet he wasn’t provided with any helpful information at all. 

Lawsuit Details

The BMW LED Safety Lights Class Action Lawsuit is filed by Porter and seeks to represent similarly situated BMW customers who have bought select models from what the company offers, believing that their cars have the LED headlights safety feature. 

The class action is seeking to ask the court to hold BMW accountable for their alleged misdeeds that have violated the law. Also, the false advertisement claims were tied to transgressions on the Consumer Fraud Act of New Jersey. 

About BMW

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, or simply known as BMW in this article, is a German multinational company that makes and sells vehicles and motorcycles aimed at the luxury market. Founded in 1916, the company has tallied revenue of over €98 billion in 2020. They have a series of subsidiaries, including BMW of North America, which is being sued in this case. 

Editor’s Note on BMW LED Safety Lights Class Action Lawsuit 2021

This news feature aims to provide you the latest developments regarding the class action filed against BMW alleging the car manufacturer has tricked customers about the truth of their car’s safety features. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Porter v. BMW of North America, LLC; Case No. 2:21-cv-11316

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the District of New Jersey

Products/Services Involved: BMW 2021 430i xDrive and 430i car models

Allegation(s): Select BMW car models were advertised to have a LED safety feature, yet they actually did not come with any of that. 

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