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Blackbaud Lawsuits Continue After Blackbaud Data Breach Consider The Consumer

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Blackbaud Lawsuits Continue to Hit Hard After Data Breach

Blackbaud Data Breach leads to slew of Lawsuits

Blackbaud Inc. is still being haunted by the repercussions of a recent data breach that its servers have experienced earlier this year. As a result, the company is facing numerous lawsuits filed in different federal courts throughout the country. 

According to a report by Eden Stiffman that appears on the website of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, there are at least four individuals residing in several different states who have filed separate class action suits against the computer software company. 

These lawsuits stem from the company’s cloud servers becoming compromised, along with the information of many individuals stored in said servers. The ransomware attack happened between February to May of 2020.

After containing the situation and paying an undisclosed amount to the individuals who have hijacked the company’s servers, victims of the data breach were informed individually sometime in July and August. 

The company assured that no sensitive information was affected but cautioned customers to be on the lookout for suspicious activities that may arise. Blackbaud added that they should reach out and report concerns to the proper authorities as soon as they find suspicious activity with their data. 

The four additional lawsuits, filed separately in different federal courts in the continental United States, contend that Blackbaud Inc. has failed in protecting its clients’ data that are stored in their servers. They fear that the data breach has made them more susceptible to different security issues ranging from identity theft to fraud. 

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