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Blackbaud Inc. Data Breach Continues To Haunt Consumers Consider The Consumer

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Blackbaud Inc. Data Breach Continues To Haunt Consumers

Healthcare industry reels from the effects of Blackbaud Inc.’s data breach, more victims reported 

It seems that we’re just at the tip of the iceberg with Blackbaud’s data breach issues as more and more entities and private individuals have moved forward and filed their own lawsuits against the company. 

The general American public is able to slowly grasp the severity of the ransomware attack the company has faced earlier this year on its servers. According to a report by Jessica Davis that appears on the website HealthITSecurity, there are more than a hundred companies that were affected by the data breach, along with their ten million clients. Davis writes that one of the most affected and has experienced the negative repercussions of the incident were those hailing from the healthcare industry. There are at least almost a million victims who now fear that their personal information has been affected and can cause problems to them in the future. 

The first healthcare entity that has come out and declare that their information has been compromised was Northern Light Health Foundation, a non-profit organization that is based in the State of Maine, then it was followed by several others soon after. 

As Davis shares in their report, there are seven healthcare organizations  that have moved forward and shared that they have been negatively impacted by the ransomware incident. 

Mercy Health and Trinity Health has the highest number of victims under their wing with 332,726. On the other hand, Methodist Hospital of Southern California Foundation reported the lowest number of victims in the group, with 39,881 individuals affected. 

As of today, Blackbaud Inc. is facing several class action suits filed in different federal courts across the United States. Several more could be on the way in the coming weeks as authorities are slowly able to piece together the different pieces of the puzzle. 

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