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Blackbaud Data Breach Compromises Social Security Info, Banking Details Consider The Consumer

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Blackbaud Data Breach Compromises Social Security Info, Banking Details; Way Worse Than We Thought

Blackbaud Data Breach Compromises Social Security Info, Banking Details:

As more and more details begin to surface, it seems as if there’s more to the Blackbaud Data Breach then initially assumed.

Blackbaud Inc. has confirmed to federal authorities that the social security details and other vital information of some of the victims were also a part of the data breach that the company faced earlier this year. 

According to Jessica Davis of the website HealthITSecurity, the company has disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission that the hackers who were responsible for the ransomware attack which compromised Blackbaud’s servers and its contents had access to, and stole victims’, information that was not included in the first declaration of the company to its victims.

These pieces of information include banking information, Social Security numbers, and victims’ individual usernames and passwords. 

Though the company has stressed early on that the aforementioned types of information were not in any way a part of the data that was compromised in the attacks, the recent filing with the authorities is quite telling. 

Even though the company assured its clients that they have contained and the situation, they have since reminded victims to be on the lookout for possible series of malicious activities of which their information may have been a part. 

This, along with the company’s negligence and failure to prop up the necessary security measures to their servers, has prompted several of the victims to file separate lawsuits in federal courts across the country. These lawsuits are seeming to continue as people get to know more and more about the gravity of the situation. 

One of the hardest hit amongst Blackbaud’s clients is the healthcare industry. As the same HealthITSecurity report shares, the largest client that has been affected by the data breach is Virginia-based Inova Health System. Inova alone has a million individuals believed to have fallen victim to the ransomware attack on Blackbaud’s servers. As of press time, there are more than six million individuals who came from the array of companies, organizations, and non-profits Blackbaud serves. 

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