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BelVita Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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BelVita Class Action Lawsuit’s Updates – Battle Is On After Judge Resumes The Case…

California Judge Allows BelVita Class Action Lawsuit To Push Through  

A California court has reversed course in its earlier decision by letting a class action lawsuit filed against Mondelez concerning its belVita after changes were made by the case’s complainants. 

In her latest decision in March, United States District Court Judge Cynthia Bashant decided to continue hearing the belVita class action lawsuit under her watch after the plaintiffs have addressed the issues raised relating to the proposed damages model in the case. 

During the early days of the case’s filing, the plaintiffs to the case – Melody DiGregorio, Patrick McMorrow, and Marco Ohlin failed to establish a solid theory of liability against belVita’s maker, Mondelez, in its proposed damages survey. 

It is an integral part of the case’s attempt to ask the court to certify the establishment of a certified Class that would cover the individuals who have a stake in the case. 

Per the case’s filing, the first iteration of the damages survey proposed by the trio would ask Class members to provide their reactions to different marketing slogans used by Mondelez in marketing their belVita products. 

The survey would ask consumers to select from a list of products they would purchase using an array of slogans provided by the plaintiffs. 

Results would then lead the plaintiffs to determine the damages. 

However, Judge Bashant took a swipe at this methodology, saying that it was at total odds with the complaint filed and the bid to have a Class approved and certified by her court. 

The judge, nevertheless, did not throw the case out of the window altogether due to these errors and expressed that they would let the case push through if the plaintiffs fix the issues raised. 

Judge Bashant’s latest March decision, Mondelez, can take on an all-out court battle in order to challenge the plaintiffs’ claims and prove that they have not done anything wrong. 

Filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, the belVita Class Action Lawsuit goes way back in 2017. 

Mondelez, the company behind belVita, has been accused by the class action of allegedly misleading customers into thinking that its belVita biscuits are a healthy food snack. 

But in stark contrast, belVita is said to contain a lot of sugar. 

Mondelez tried to persuade the court to stop the class action, but the judge’s latest decision shows that the company will be either forced to face the allegations in court or to seek a settlement to end its legal troubles. 

Belvita biscuits lawsuit 2021

About Mondelez

Mondelez International Inc., referred to as Mondelez in this feature, is an Illinois-based American multinational company that manufactures a variety of products – from confectionaries to snacks and beverages.

Headed by its CEO Dirk Van de Put since 2017, the company has an international presence and operations in over 160 countries around the globe. 

Editor’s Note on BelVita Class Action Lawsuit’s Updates:

This news article is aimed to inform you of the latest development in the class action lawsuit filed against BelVita’s maker, Mondelez, in a California federal court.

Mondelez is accused of misleading customers into believing that its BelVita food snack product is healthy, yet it allegedly contains a lot of sugar in its ingredients. 

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  • Brad Washburn says:

    belVita contains a lot of Potassium in addition to the sugar. It is Potassium which evidently caused my male gynocomastia! (Painful lumps on the breast, hopefully not cancerous)

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