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Beanfields Bean Chips Protein Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

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The Beanfields Bean Chips Protein Class Action

Class Action Lawsuit Contests Protein Content of Beanfields Bean Chips

A class action lawsuit was recently filed against Beanfields Bean Chips, as they are advertised as a product packed with protein and fiber.

Plaintiffs mention that Beanfields Bean Chips are being sold in different flavors, and are equipped with a marketing strategy highlighting the health benefits of beans and how important it is to get enough protein.

What Consumers Actually Get

Allegations about the product include a violation of federal regulations, as it makes fraudulent claims about the amount of protein that consumers actually get from the Nacho Bean Chip.

On the front of the product, consumers will see obvious claims on how much protein a person could get from the Nacho Bean Chip, but upon closer inspection of the Nutrition Facts panel on the back, there’s no detail on how much percentage of protein or fiber is present in the product.

Plaintiffs also claim that if a particular product is “packed with protein,” it should be that the product is an excellent source of protein, and according to the FDA, this means the product should have at least 10 grams of protein.

If a particular product is advertised as high in protein, then it must meet a level of Reference Daily Intake or RDI. In the case of protein, the FDA mentions an RDI or Daily Reference Value (DRV) for adults and children over four years old at 50 grams.

This is not a required detail to be printed on a product package, but if the product makes a claim to its protein content, then it should be printed on the label. Although none of the Beanfields chips products contain 4 grams or above of protein and fiber.

Instead of getting what was advertised, consumers were given far less and are being misled by the company’s representations and information that were conveniently left off of the product’s label.

As Beanfields is based in Los Angeles, the lawsuit alleges that they are in violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law, False Advertising Law and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. Along with the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law and accusing the company of breach of express warranties.

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