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Bayer's Antifungal Lotrimin & Tinactin Benzene Class Action Lawsuit

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Bayer’s Antifungal Lotrimin & Tinactin Benzene Class Action Lawsuit – Selling Cancerous Products On Purpose?

Anti-Fungal Products Lotrimin And Tinactin By Bayer Have Cancerous Benzene In Them, Class Action Claims 

Bayer-manufactured fungal-fighting products are alleged in a recent class action to have high amounts of an active carcinogenic substance in them. The Lotrimin and Tinactin products may contain Benzene, the subjected cancer-causing ingredient.

Plaintiffs Sue Bayer For Its Reportedly Benzene-laced Fungal-fighting Items Lotrimin And Tinactin 

Filed by complainants Eva Mistretta and Juan Huertas, the Bayer’s Antifungal Lotrimin & Tinactin Benzene Class Action Lawsuit argues that the giant Bayer did not properly disclose to its customers the purported dangerously high-level amounts of benzene present in its antifungal product offerings.

According to Huertas and Mistretta, they have Bayer’s Lotrimin Antifungal Athlete’s Foot Deodorant Powder Spray and Tinactin Athlete’s Foot Liquid Spray, respectively. 

The pair adds that they were unaware that they have bought a medicinal product that has an ingredient linked to a number of cancers. They only found out the truth when the company issued a nationwide recall covering the two items. 

Per Bayer, its Lotrimin and Tinactin fungal-fighting foot items contain unacceptable rates of benzene in them. Benzene is a possibly carcinogenic chemical attributed to leukemia and other cancers. 

Juan Huertas, et al. v. Bayer U.S. LLC: What Is It

The Bayer’s Antifungal Lotrimin & Tinactin Benzene Class Action Lawsuit contends that Bayer purposely tricked its buyers and misbranded its products despite knowing the truth.  

Plaintiffs explain that they bought the antifungal items because of the assertions made by the drug maker, stressing that the products are free from any defects and the like. In addition, they continue that have they known the truth, they would not have bought the medicinal products from Bayer. 

The class action filing is looking to take the antifungal product maker to court for different charges ranging from fraud, breach of express warranty to alleged violations of the General Business Law currently enforced in New York. 

The complainants Huertas and Mistretta wish the court to approve the Class group they would like to represent during the upcoming legal proceedings. 

It would consist of two Class groups: one covering anybody in the United States and another to those who reside in New York; both of which have made a purchase of the recalled Lotrimin and/or Tinactin fungal-fighting items that reportedly have benzene in them.     

Editor’s Note on Bayer’s Antifungal Lotrimin & Tinactin Benzene Class Action Lawsuit: 

This feature details the contents of the legal case launched against Bayer in relation to the claims that it has hidden the fact that its anti-fungal items have benzene.      

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Juan Huertas, et al. v. Bayer U.S. LLC; Case No.: 2:21-cv-20021

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the District of New Jersey  

Allegation(s): Consumers have been deceived by Bayer into believing that they are buying a safe product that is free from any harmful chemicals like benzene.          

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