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Bank of America Unemployment Benefits Class Action Lawsuit

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Bank of America Unemployment Benefits Class Action Lawsuit – Judge Orders BoA To Help Frozen Accounts…

Court Orders Bank Of America To Continue Processing Customer Fraud Claims, Ease Customers Way Of Contacting Them As Class Action Carries On

A federal judge recently ordered Bank of America to resume the acceptance and processing of customer fraud claims revolving around a class action lawsuit filed against the bank alleging negligence of protecting their customers’ unemployment benefits from fraudulent activities. 

Judge Tasks Bank Of America To Cater To Their Customers Needs

According to several reports, Bank of America will reportedly follow United States District Judge Vincent Chhabria’s directive to provide banking customers with badly needed relief due to them being locked out of their bank accounts when they reported the fraud to the bank. Now, the bank’s clients will be able to have their fraud claims processing continued.

The initial freezing of accounts led to many account holders being left without any access to very important unemployment benefits that were deposited into their accounts during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Many average Americans who have been forced out of their jobs, furloughed, and the like depends on the government’s financial aid to help them get through their days. 

Reports furthermore account that Bank of America and the plaintiffs to the class action have agreed alongside accepting the terms and conditions laid down in the court order. 

Additionally, Bank of America is directed by Judge Chhabria to provide round-the-clock customer service and support to account owners who want to report fraud claims on their bank accounts. 

The bank is also expected to promptly answer queries over the phone as it was also included in the court’s orders.

No Claims Will Be Left Unchecked

Class members of the class action are also guaranteed to have their fraud claims handled properly and given a chance to be not handed an outright rejection. 

An investigation would take place in case Bank of America would like to potentially not accept a claim. A written explanation will be furnished that would explain why the bank decides to move on its initial decision of not granting a customer’s fraud request. 

The recent decision stemmed from the legal proceedings that have taken place involving a class action lawsuit filed by plaintiff Jennifer Yick after Bank of America allegedly failed to protect her deposited unemployment support from being taken away by online fraudsters. 

As of press time, the Bank of America Unemployment Benefits Class Action Lawsuit is a consolidation of different class actions filed in different federal courts all over the country. 

The decision of which court jurisdiction it will eventually fall into is subject to speculation. Stay tuned via the different communication channels below for updates. 

About Bank of America

Bank of America is a financial services and investment banking institution headquartered in North Carolina. Founded in California back in 1998, the company has grown to a financial behemoth with revenues of more than $85 billion as of 2020. Brian Moynihan currently heads the bank as its sitting CEO. 

Editor’s Note on Bank of America Unemployment Benefits Class Action Lawsuit: 

This feature shows the latest court order details requiring Bank of America to start providing different reliefs to its customers amidst an ongoing class-action lawsuit filed against them. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Jennifer Yick v. Bank of America, N.A.; Case No.: 3:21-cv-00376

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for Northern District of California 

Allegation(s): Bank of America failed to protect their banking clients’ accounts from fraudulent attacks, which led to them not being able to access vital unemployment benefits during the height of the Coronavirus public health crisis. 

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