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Baby Trend Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit

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Baby Trend Yumi Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit – Are They Safe For Your Children?

Baby Trend Yumi Booster Seats Not Safe To Use On Children, Manufacturer Falsely Advertised Products – Class Action Lawsuit

Another baby-related product is put under public and legal scrutiny after a class action lawsuit is filed against Baby Trend, Inc. for allegedly false advertising their booster seats product offering. 

According to a nationwide class action lawsuit, Baby Trend, Inc. made claims and marketed their Baby Trend Protect Yumi 2-in-1 Booster Seat and Protect Yumi Folding High Back Booster Seat as safe for young children’s use. 

The Baby Trend Child Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit was filed by complainants Mohammad Wafai and Sandra Oceguera. 

Both argued that Baby Trends Inc. has tricked customers into believing that their child booster products are safe for use for youngsters aged as young as three years old and weighing thirty pounds. 

The two continued that there are present studies from the authorities and members of the academe which counter the company’s false claims about their product. 

Citing a series of reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA, the plaintiffs have contended that child booster seats are safe to use only when certain conditions are met. 

Conditions recommended by the authorities include children should be only allowed to use vehicle booster seats if they are between the ages of one to four years old and/or they weigh forty pounds and above. 

They stressed that children should continue using seats with a five-point harness mechanism in order to protect themselves from injuries in case of a car crash incident. 

Authorities added that this practice should continue until the young child reaches at least 40 pounds. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics echoed the NHTSA’s recommendation, affirming that parents should use booster seats for their children following the guidelines released by the authorities. 

The Baby Trend Child Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit shared that the company has made false advertisements and claims of its product in order to gain an edge in the market.

 Wafai and Oceguera argued that Baby Trend Inc. knows or should have known that it is dangerous for very young children to use booster seats unless they reach specific requirements set by authorities.

 In fact, in Canada, where the company also sells its products, companies are not allowed to sell baby booster seats targeted for children weighing under forty pounds for more than two decades now. 

Besides false advertising accusations, the Baby Trend Child Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit is formally accusing Baby Trend, Inc. of negligent misrepresentation, common law fraud, and violations against California consumer protection laws. 

Editor’s Note on Baby Trend Yumi Booster Seats Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article’s goal is to give you information about the latest class action to hit another baby products company. Complainant duo Oceguera and Wafai accused Baby Trend, Inc. of deliberately making false claims to advertise their baby booster seat offerings to the public. 

Case Name & No.: Oceguera et al. v. Baby Trend, Inc.; Case No. 21-cv-398, C.D. Cal. 

Jurisdiction: United States District Court Central District of California

Products/Services Involved: Baby Trend Protect Yumi 2-in1 Booster Seat and Protect Yumi Folding High Back Booster Seat 

Allegation(s): Baby Trend, Inc. has falsely advertised the safety of its booster seat products in order to keep up in a very highly competitive market. 

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