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Axos Bank Class Action Lawsuit Investigation 2021

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Axos Bank Class Action Investigation 2021 – Possible Lawsuit Over Illegal Fees…

Axos Bank In Hot Water As Banking Clients Expose Their Alleged Banking Mispractice Incidents

Many Axos Bank clients have moved forward with their concerns in a possible class action lawsuit that the company has been engaging in questionable to downright unethical and illegal acts in its operations and banking practices. 

Customers have complained that Axos Bank is engaged in implementing very expensive overdraft charges on account holders. Furthermore, the bank was also reported to charge customers multiple times in a single banking and financial transaction. 

According to the bank, they can charge up to three-fourths of a hundred dollars in non-sufficient funds charges each passing day on a particular account. 

However, this is not the only concern Axos banking clients have against them and their allegedly irresponsible practices. Many have complained about their services to different organizations, including the consumer watchdog group Better Business Bureau. 

There were reported cases that the company has refused to give back customers’ funds that amounted to hundreds of dollars. With the large number of people raising their accusations, it is safe to speculate that Axos Bank owes some of its customers thousands of dollars worth of unreturned funds. 

As of press time, there are no official charges pressed against Axos Bank regarding their allegedly illegal behavior. However, Consider The Consumer is open to hearing back from you and your story or experience banking with Axos Bank. Let us know by sending a message on our official communications channel below. 

About The Bank

Axos Bank is classified as a full-service banking and financial services company based in San Diego, California. Formerly named Bank of the Internet, the company was founded more than two decades ago and has now grown to offer several financial services and products, including different types of checking accounts. 

Editor’s Note on Axos Bank Class Action Investigation 2021: 

This feature aims to inform you of the grievances aired by some of Axos Bank’s many banking customers involving the bank’s alleged banking malpractice. 

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