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AvoDerm Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Are There Any Avocados In AvoDerm Pet Food?

AvoDerm Manufacturers Were Sued For False Marketing Claims

Breeder’s Choice Pet Foods, Inc. and Central Garden & Pet Company were charged with a class action lawsuit for allegedly misleadingly advertising their AvoDerm dog and cat food.

The Class Action Lawsuit

John Flodin and Aaron Brand, the lead plaintiffs, filed the class action lawsuit against the pet food manufacturers in a California federal court in March 2021.

According to the lead plaintiffs, AvoDerm dog and cat food producers have deceived their customers by falsely advertising that their product contains avocado.

The class action lawsuit claims that while the companies assert that the product’s main ingredient is avocado, the truth is that it hardly contains any amount of avocado.

Plaintiffs Allegations

The complainants argue that AvoDerm’s alleged avocado ingredient is a powder that was mixed with a small amount of dried avocado. The powder also consisted of other dried ingredients.

The lead plaintiffs attest that the companies knowingly deceived their customers by highlighting that avocado is their main ingredient. 

They believe that by doing this, the companies have misled their customers into thinking that the product is made of natural avocado fruit.

They assert that the companies have made additional false claims that their products contain health benefits from California avocados that were “Made in the USA.” 

Brand and Flodin complain that this is untruthful, and the form of avocado used in the product came from outside the United States.

California Avocados

The class action lawsuit declares that the companies have taken advantage of health-conscious consumers’ demand for healthier foods by claiming that their product is made of avocado.

Avocado is a popular “superfood” since it is known to contain a lot of added benefits like amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. 

Therefore, health-conscious and pet-loving customers are more inclined to buy this product to give the same health benefits to their pets.

The false advertisement allegedly influenced the customer’s decision to buy AvoDerm. 

Consumers are also willing to pay a higher price because of the health benefit claims.

The class action lawsuit also questions the company’s claims that AvoDerm contains California avocados. 

According to it, California avocados are hard to grow and maintain since they only thrive in specialized conditions. 

The plaintiffs argue that California avocados are not readily available all the time since there are low supplies. 

They also argue that the fruit is only available for eight months, February or September. 

For the rest of the year, there is no supply and harvest of the said fruit. 

It is estimated that the total number of California avocados produced only makes up 4% of the total avocado available worldwide.

The class action lawsuit also adds that part of the limited supply of California avocado is exported to other countries. 

Therefore, the little remaining supply would not be sufficient to produce pet food. 

In addition, the cost of the remaining supply will also be too expensive.

The complainants maintain that the supply of powdered California avocados is lower than the fruit and is less likely to be used as an ingredient. 

Given these, they believe that the main ingredient used in AvoDerm was sourced from outside the United States.

Editor’s Note on AvoDerm Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against the manufacturers of AvoDerm pet food due to allegations that the companies falsely marketed their product as full of avocados.

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