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AT&T Reward Cards Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - A White Scam To Lure New Customers?

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AT&T Reward Cards Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – A White Scam To Lure New Customers?

AT&T Class Action Lawsuit Over Reward Cards Issues

A Florida man in a class action lawsuit accuses AT&T of offering Reward Cards of up to $400 to customers who switch to its services, but either not sending the cards or sending them too near to their expiration date where they become useless.

Steven Palumbo v. AT&T, Inc.

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As per the lawsuit filed in a federal court in Texas, lead plaintiff Steven Palumbo seeks to represent similar customers who switched services as a result of being offered AT&T Reward Cards. He accuses AT&T of failing to disclose the Reward Card restrictions and refusing to recognize or replace cards that expire due to those restrictions.

Palumbo claims he was enticed into a more expensive “bundled” television and telecommunications package by the inclusion of $200 in AT&T Reward Cards. According to him, the card would not come for over seven months — well past the Visa gift card’s 150-day expiration date.

AT&T allegedly delays the distribution of Reward Cards to new customers, according to the class action lawsuit.

Rather than providing the card to new customers promptly after they subscribe and pay for the new AT&T service, AT&T either never sends the card or waits to send it until the card’s short 150-day expiration date approaches or passes.

Not so Rewarding

As per the class action lawsuit, AT&T Reward Cards are subject to a variety of additional restrictions that make them practically impossible to use.

According to Palumbo, customers must complete additional procedures in order to activate the AT&T Reward Cards. To begin, they must monitor a message that is frequently routed to the AT&T Reward Card recipient’s spam folder or discarded as junk mail.

Additionally, according to the plaintiff, recipients must “activate” their AT&T Reward Cards, which introduces a new set of complications.

AT&T further restricts, if not completely prohibits, the use of Reward Cards, even if they are delivered and activated prior to the expiration of the 150-day use period, the class action lawsuit alleges.

When a cardholder spends a specified amount on the Reward Card, the card gets frozen, and the customer is prevented from using the remaining balance for an extended period.

Palumbo wishes to represent a class of customers who were provided AT&T Reward Cards on a nationwide basis. He seeks monetary damages and an injunction to prevent the allegedly fraudulent advertising effort.

Editor’s Note on AT&T Reward Cards Class Action 2021:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuit against AT&T over reward cards that were never sent or were so close to the expiration date when received. You might also be interested in Verizon Family Share Plan Settlement.

Case Name & No.: Steven Palumbo v. AT&T, Inc., Case No. 3:21-cv-01818-N

Jurisdiction:  U.S. District Court – Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division

Products/Services: Reward cards

Allegations: AT&T allegedly failed to disclose the reward card restrictions and does not recognize or replace the cards that expire due to the restrictions

Status: Pending

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