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Arizona Attorney General takes Google to Court!

All about the Arizona Google Lawsuit

Back in may, the State of Arizona filed a consumer fraud lawsuit against Silicon Valley tech behemoth Google Inc. for its “deceptive” and “unfair” methods of obtaining user location data. Recently, the lawsuit was pushed forward after an Arizona Judge gave it the okay. 

In particular, the lawsuit’s main defendant is Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company.  According to a report from Reuters, the lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages for its deception of users of its Android mobile operating system. 

Attorney General Mark Brnovich shared in a tweet cited by Reuters that Google obtains data from its users. This includes their physical location which is used for advertising purposes. “Often, this is done without the users’ consent or knowledge,” Brnovich adds. 

A spokesperson from the company, in an emailed statement cited by Reuters, said that the Attorney General and the other parties have “mischaracterized” their services. 

It was later added that the company has always included privacy features into its product offerings along with “robust controls for location data”. 

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