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Apple MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Class Action Lawsuit

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Apple MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Class Action Lawsuit Approved – Defective Keyboards Sold On Purpose…

California Judge Allows Class Certification In On-going Apple MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Class Action Lawsuit

Apple customers who are looking to sue the consumer electronics behemoth have scored another legal victory after a California court allowed the certification of a proposed class – meaning the legal proceedings against the company will carry on. 

United States District Court Judge Edward Davila has decided to allow the move to certify a series of the different class of customers hailing from different states all over the county that bought an Apple MacBook with butterfly keyboards between the years of 2015 and 2019. 

Only a select few models are covered in the class. 

It was reported that Apple’s legal team fought vehemently against the proposed class action lawsuit, throwing many arguments in court to have the legal proceedings halted. 

However, the California court decided to move on with the proceedings after it has released a decision siding with the plaintiffs to the case. 

The Apple MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Class Action Lawsuit involves the Butterfly Keyboard feature Apple has introduced in select models of its MacBook laptop product offerings. 

Intended to make the laptop smaller, slimmer, and easier to travel with, the company hailed it as an innovation when it launched it back in 2015.

Yet, as years pass by, many MacBook owners have complained about issues revolving around their MacBook’s Butterfly Keyboard. 

Users have reported incidents wherein keys suddenly become unresponsive when a few amounts of dust have settled between them. 

The class action argued that Apple and its executives have known of the defect all along, yet they failed to acknowledge it right away. 

Worse, they have continued offering MacBooks equipped with an allegedly defective keyboard in the market with the complete knowledge of its flaw. 

It was not only until last year that Apple has officially pulled the plug off on its infamous Butterfly Keyboards. 

Legal proceedings are expected to push through in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. 

The plaintiffs in the Apple MacBook Butterly Keyboard Class Action Lawsuit are pressing forward with their complaint. 

This resulted after Apple has failed to cover claims of breach of warranty and injury raised by the complainants in its Keyboard Service Program – a program they have offered to their customers after the issues with the MacBooks’ Butterfly Keyboards have been too big to ignore completely. 

Editor’s Note on Apple MacBook Butterfly Keyboard Class Action Lawsuit:

This news feature aims to inform you of the latest development in the class action lawsuit filed against Apple concerning its allegedly defective Butterfly Keyboards. 

Plaintiffs have scored a victory recently as a court grants the certification of a class that will cover affected Apple consumers who have bought select MacBook models with Butterfly Keyboards on them.  

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