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Apple iOS 14 Class Action Lawsuit

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Apple iOS 14 Class Action Lawsuit – Slowing iPhone On Purpose?

Class Action Lawsuit: Apple iOS 14 Software Updates Damage iPhones

A class action lawsuit is alleging that Apple has purposely damaged certain of their iPhone offerings using the latest iOS 14 software updates. 

Andrew Crittenden v. Apple, Inc.

Complainant Andrew Crittenden filed a class action suit against Apple with allegations that the tech giant is damaging a handful of their iPhone models in purpose via the introduction of the operating system iOS 14. 

He argued that the new software update introduced by Apple slowed down some of its iPhone’s processing speeds and performance. 

Also, Crittenden contended that they also lead to the phone’s battery juice draining much faster than when the updates were not installed yet by the user. 

He claimed that the company has known that its software updates will cause issues to iPhone users, yet they continued anyway. 

He shared that he always updates his Apple iPhone Pro Max model upon the instruction and encouragement of Apple, for he fully believed the company’s representations. 

Yet, he soon experienced issues with his battery’s running life and longevity. Also, he reported experiencing reduced productivity caused by slower processing speeds. 

The company allegedly told its customers that they should always install a software update as soon as it becomes available to keep their Apple devices secure from potential security breaches and threats. 

Andrew Crittenden v. Apple, Inc.: Many Other Customers Affected By Software Update Issue

Crittenden believes that he is not the only one who has had the same experience installing the newest Apple software updates on their devices. He speculated that the company is fully aware of the situation it causes to thousands of its iPhone users, yet they failed to acknowledge and address the issue. 

Furthermore, it is alleged too that the company does this in purpose to keep on customers buying new iterations of their product offerings. 

Known as ‘throttling,’ Apple allegedly engaged in such practices to cause issues with the users’ current Apple device.

The decrease in performance and battery life may persuade them to make an upgrade to a much more expensive and newer release model, and the cycle repeats itself all over again. 

Moreover, Apple does not inform its customers about this and also makes them believe that the issues with battery and performance are naturally caused by aging and continued use. 

The Apple iOS 14 Class Action Lawsuit filed by Crittenden is asking the court to grant them permission to form and represent a Class and move forward with the legal proceedings.

The Class will consist of all Apple customers in the United States who have installed iOS 14 software updates on their iPhone 8 up to the latest models and soon started experiencing issues with their devices. 

The complainant is pressing forward with his charges against Apple in court, ranging from violations of different federal-level computer fraud statutes to not following state consumer protection laws. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to report on this matter. Keep updated by following the different communications channels listed below. 

About The Defendant

Apple Inc., simply referred to as Apple in this feature, is a technology company respected and known around the world. Specializing in consumer electronics, the company also does research and development, production, sales, and marketing of its computing software, online services, and other product offerings. As of 2021, Apple is tagged as the world’s most valuable company. 

Editor’s Note on Apple iOS 14 Class Action Lawsuit: 

This feature article details the class action lawsuit filed against Apple for allegedly damaging their customer’s iPhones on purpose after they have installed the company’s mandated iOS 14 software updates. 

Case Name(s) & No.: Andrew Crittenden v. Apple, Inc.; Case No.: 5:21-cv-04322

Jurisdiction: United States District Court Northern District of California San Jose Division

Products/Services Involved: Apple’s iOS 14.5, 14.5.1, and 14.6 software updates on different iPhone models – ranging from models of iPhone 8 and above

Allegation(s): Apple allows its customers’ iPhones to display issues on their devices after they have installed iOS 14.

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