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Apple ID Termination Class Action Lawsuit – IDs Terminated Without Warning…

Man Sues Apple After His Apple ID Was Terminated With $25K Purchases

Apple is facing a proposed class action lawsuit about what a Pennsylvania man considers “unlawful” and “unconscionable” provision of the company’s Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions that purports to allow the tech giant to unreasonably revoke a customer’s Apple ID and without warning, effectively removing access to previously purchased content and services.

The Plaintiff

Matthew Price, the lead plaintiff, filed the national Apple ID class action lawsuit in California on April 20. 

Price, who lives in Cambria County, Pennsylvania, claims that Apple abruptly terminated his Apple ID account without notice, preventing him from accessing his more than $24,000 transactions.

Price’s Apple account was abruptly terminated due to an alleged breach of the company’s terms and conditions. 

Price lost access to all of his previously purchased content when this happened. This removal of Apple ID, on the other hand, happened without warning or clarification.

The transactions included services, applications, media, and in-app purchases, programs, and platform upgrades. According to the class action, Price had a $7 credit on his account.

Users can access their profiles, where their transactions are stored and handled, and several other Apple add-ons, using their Apple ID accounts, which have unique login information.

The Apple ID Termination Class Action Lawsuit

The plaintiff claims to have spent more than $24,000 on services and content, including games, in-app purchases, applications, and platform extensions, using his Apple ID on his iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro since January 2015.  

According to the class action, Apple decided in late October 2020 that the plaintiff had violated its terms and conditions and terminated the man’s Apple ID without warning, justification, regulation, or procedure, depriving him of access to paid-for services and content as well as the $7.63 balance of unspent funds in his Apple account.

Not only can one not access the content they have already purchased without an operational Apple ID, but the functionality of any associated Apple devices is greatly diminished. 

According to the case, Apple has the right to revoke a user’s Apple ID if they are suspected of violating the company’s terms and conditions. 

The lawsuit claims that Apple’s “unlawful and unconscionable” account suspension and termination “acts as a de facto liquidated damages provision” that kicks in when they suspect a violation.

Apple has reaped enormous profits from terminating Plaintiff’s and the Class’s Apple IDs, which are needed for users to access content and iCloud storage, make in-app purchases, and even download free apps from the defendant. 

The case claims that depriving Plaintiff and the Class of the worth of their Apple IDs was unfair under the circumstances when Plaintiff and the Class agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

According to the lawsuit, Apple does not make a “reasonable endeavor” to determine fair average compensation for damages it incurs, would incur, or has suffered as a result of any violation of its terms and conditions. 

Apple ID Owners

The case covers a proposed class of all people in the United States who own an Apple computer and/or have an Apple ID and had their account terminated under the Apple Media Services Terms and Conditions’ Termination and Suspension of Services clause. 

Price asks for class certification, compensatory damages, reimbursement, penalties, attorneys’ fees, and a court hearing.

Editor’s Note on Apple ID Termination Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against Apple for allegedly terminating Apple IDs without warning.

Case Name & No.: Matthew Price v. Apple Inc., Case No. 5:21-cv-02846, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

Products/Services: Apple ID, Apple devices

Allegations: Apple allegedly deletes Apple IDs without notice

Status: Pending

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