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American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Class Action Lawsuit - Selling Toilets With Defective Valves On Purpose

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American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Class Action Lawsuit – Selling Toilets With Defective Valves On Purpose?

American Standard Class Action Lawsuit Over Defective Toilet Parts

According to a recent class action lawsuit, American Standard Brands made and sold toilets bearing the Champion name with defective gaskets and/or flush valves.

Robert Weiss v. AS America, Inc.

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As per lead plaintiff Robert Weiss, the defect results in premature failure, resulting in water waste and requiring regular repairs and monitoring. Weiss seeks to represent a class of consumers who purchased defective Champion toilets on a national scale.

The plaintiff claims that American Standard misled consumers by marketing that the Champion toilet can easily flush a bucket of golf balls without issues while consuming minimal water. 

Weiss claims that after watching the golf ball demonstration on YouTube, he was intrigued and ended up purchasing three sets of American Standard Champion 4 toilets for his home.

According to the class action lawsuit, these claims are intended to persuade consumers that, despite the Class Product’s low water consumption, the toilet is capable of operating well beyond the amount of water required to flush.

In addition, Weiss asserts that the toilet consumes more water than advertised and also falls short of the flushing performance promised.

According to the plaintiff, he and other Champion toilet owners are unaware if the valve is broken until they receive an expensive water bill.

The Toilet Defect

The stated flush valve aims to block the water in the holding tank from draining out until the toilet is flushed. According to the class action lawsuit, a malfunctioning valve will leak and periodically permit the toilet to run on its own, wasting additional water.

Weiss asserts that the toilet led him to suffer damages such as repair and replacement costs, increased water bills, a decrease in the value of the toilet, and an overpayment at the time of purchase.

According to the class action lawsuit, American Standard Brands is aware of the defect and has failed to modify the design or resolve the issue.

American Standard is alleged to have violated California’s Consumer Legal Remedies Act, false advertising, and unfair competition laws.

Weiss has requested a jury trial in which he will seek damages, restitution, and/or disgorgement on behalf of him and other Class members. Additionally, the plaintiff seeks an injunction prohibiting the defendant from participating in additional claimed unlawful and unfair business practices.

Editor’s Note on American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit filed against American Standard over defective toilet parts. You might also be interested in Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner Lawsuit.

Case Name & No.: Robert Weiss v. AS America, Inc., Case No. 3:21-cv-06354

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Northern District Court of California

Products/Services: Defective Champion Toilet Products

Allegations: American Standard allegedly sold Champion toilets with defective parts and falsely advertised it

Status: Pending

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    So I got one of these champion 4 toilets in winter 2020. I don’t see a problem yet, but how do I join the suit or should I?

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