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Amazon Virtual Try-on Class Action Lawsuit

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Amazon Virtual Try-on Class Action Lawsuit – Illegally Using Users’ Facial Biometrics For Its Makeup Feature?

Amazon Violates Illinois’ BIPA Rules By Illegally Using Biometric Information On Its Makeup App Without Prior Permission

A complainant is suing Amazon in an Illinois-based class action lawsuit for allegedly illegally gathering, storing, and using its customers’ facial biometric information through its Virtual Makeup Try-On system without prior consent.

Tanya N. Svoboda v., Inc., and Services LLC 

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The Amazon Virtual Try-on Class Action Lawsuit is a legal case filed by plaintiff Tanya B. Svoboda against Amazon, alleging them of violating the BIPA law. 

Svoboda claims that customers like her use Amazon’s Virtual Makeup Try-On feature on its site to try out how a makeup or beauty product would look on their face without needing to apply the actual item.

According to the complainant, Amazon did not bother to ask for its users’ prior consent before asking for a copy of their face photos being uploaded on its site. She reportedly used the Virtual Try-On feature on a few occasions to try out a lipstick product available on Amazon’s website. 

In those instances, she adds that Amazon did not inform her that they would be collecting her personal biometric information from the face photo she has uploaded on the site. 

Furthermore, the company purportedly created a template copy of her face with all of the data gathered from her photo upload. Amazon also did not properly hand out information about how it would store and eventually destroy the gathered data from its clients. 

More Initial Details About The Legal Case 

It is said that all of Amazon’s customer base was subjected to the company’s potentially unlawful actions – including minors who cannot provide consent on their own. 

The Amazon Virtual Try-on Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to form and represent a Class group consisting of Illinois residents who used Amazon’s Virtual Try-On feature on its site and got their biometric details gathered, stored, and used without their consent. 

Svoboda wants Amazon to answer charges filed against it, including all forms of legal relief she and other like-situated individuals can obtain. 

About Amazon, Inc., or simply called Amazon in this article, is a technology giant considered one of the movers and shakers in the worldwide technology industry. The company offers different products and services in the fields of e-commerce and online shopping, content streaming, and others. 

As of 2020, Amazon has amassed total assets of more than $320 billion. It is believed that the company currently employs more than 1.3 million workers under its robust company ecosystem. 

Editor’s Note on Amazon Virtual Try-on Class Action Lawsuit: 

This report is aimed to discuss with you the new class action filed against Amazon by its customer after it allegedly violated the safety provisions of the Illinois BIPA.  A similar class action was also filed against Target for their virtual makeup try-on feature.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Tanya N. Svoboda v., Inc., and Services LLC; Case No.: 2021CH04516

Jurisdiction: Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois County Department, Chancery Division

Products/Services Involved: Amazon’s Virtual Try-On site feature 

Allegation(s): Amazon failed to practice the protective measures required by the Illinois BIPA on its clients when they chose to use its Virtual Try-On feature. 

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