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Amazon Shift Breaks Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Amazon Shift Breaks Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Does Amazon Cancel Mandatory Breaks & Delay Wages?

Amazon Refuses To Allow Shift Breaks, Do Not Pay Employees’ Wages On Time – Class Action Lawsuit 

A complaint is accusing online retail behemoth Amazon of illegal employment practices, including not allowing for a shift break, non-compensation of unused breaks, and late payment of wages. 

Former Amazon employee Lovenia Scott has filed a Class Action Lawsuit against her former employer after the company has allegedly denied her mandated breaks during her shift as a logistics specialist. Scott added that Amazon was late in giving her payments as an hourly-waged employee. 

Plaintiff Scott shared her experiences when she worked at an Amazon warehouse in Vacaville, California, in the class action’s official filing. 

Employed between October of 2016 to early 2019, she alleged that she, along with her fellow workers, could not take their 30-minute break for every five-hour work shift. 

That is because Amazon does not have a company-mandated rest and meal period policy. Worse, the company even allegedly refuses to schedule employee breaks as part of each worker’s shift. 

Even though they were able to be on a break, Scott narrated that she and other employees were still forced to bring their handheld communication radios with them. 

They were even required by management to respond to issues and concerns that arise during their break time. 

She also called out the lack of organization and protocol when it comes to employee shift breaks in the Amazon warehouse she worked at. 

Due to management informing its employees to take a break when ‘they could get it,’ there is no set schedule for break time. 

This causes many employees to end up corralling in the designated clock in and clock out areas. 

Many spend ten to fifteen minutes before they are able to take a break which results in the drastically shortened amount of time actually spent on break.  

Filed in the United States District Court Northern District of California San Francisco Division, The Amazon Shift Breaks Class Action Lawsuit is seeking the court to force Amazon to pay up unpaid salaries and damages along with other legal and court expenses. 

It is a proposed class action lawsuit and just another complaint that adds up to Amazon’s suite of ongoing legal battles in court. 

This is not the first time the company has been subjected to legal challenges for its allegedly illegal and inhumane treatment of its workers and contract employees. 

In the past, Amazon and its third-party partners have gotten in trouble with the law for a variety of reasons – from not providing accurate hourly and overtime pay to forcing employees to skip breaks and meal times. 

Editor’s Note on Amazon Shift Breaks Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This news article aims to report on the latest class action lawsuit to hit Amazon.

This time, its former California employee has accused the company of not providing mandated shift breaks to its warehouse employees. Additionally, the company allegedly pays its employees’ wages late. 

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