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Allstate Insurance TCPA Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Allstate Insurance TCPA Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – $500 For Each Class Member?

Allstate Insurance Sends Out Unsolicited Calls To Customers, Violating TCPA Provisions

A Georgia woman is taking Allstate Insurance Company to court for allegedly calling her number numerous times even though her number is already included in the Do Not Call Registry for more than a decade now. 

Rita Brownlee claims that Allstate Insurance Company has made transgressions of the protective clauses of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA after it has made numerous calls to her number. 

Brownlee said in her complaint that Allstate has made at least six calls to her number, and during each call, she requested the representative on the line to stop calling her number again. 

However, after each request, Brownlee ended up getting rung up all over again by an Allstate phone representative trying to sell her the company’s product and service. 

The class action claims that this is a part of Allstate’s marketing strategy of trying to reach current and potential customers into signing up for its products and services. 

However, the unsolicited calls directed to customers who have specifically and explicitly requested not to receive such calls are illegal under the provisions of the TCPA. 

Brownlee argues that the insurance company is fully aware of the plight of customers like her who have asked not to receive unsolicited calls. 

She claims that Allstate receives consumer complaints, and among those are complaints from customers like her. 

These complaints then give notices that they are in violation of the federal TCPA. 

However, the company seems unfazed, for it is evident that it continued on making calls to Brownlee and other similarly situated Allstate customers. 

The Allstate Insurance TCPA Class Action is filed in the United States District Court Southern District of Illinois Eastern Division and is headed by its lead plaintiff Brownlee. 

The class action is seeking to form a Class consisting of similarly situated members who shared the same experience as Brownlee. 

For her participation in the class action, the plaintiff is seeking a $500 compensation for each alleged TCPA violation done by Allstate, as well as other monetary damages and compensation such as court fees. 

The class action lawsuit is also asking the court to order Allstate to stop calling customers that belong on the National Do Not Call Registry and those customers who have repeatedly requested not to be the recipient of such unsolicited calls. 

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