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Allbirds Class Action Lawsuit 2021 Patricia Dwyer

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Allbirds Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Falsely Marketing Its Shoe Products…

Class Action: Allbirds Misled Market, Shoe Products Are Not Environment Friendly And Ethically Sourced 

Fashion company Allbirds, Inc. is accused of falsely advertising its wool shoe products of using ethically sourced materials and presenting them as sustainable, yet the truth is the exact opposite. 

Customer Sues Allbirds For Deceptive Advertisement Of Products 

The Allbirds Class Action Lawsuit was filed by complainant Patricia Dwyer and is challenging Allbirds, Inc. to a full-blown court battle. She alleged that Allbirds made buyers pay more for their products after making them believe that they are buying merchandise that has undergone ethical standards. 

Plaintiff Dwyer, believing Allbirds’ marketing claims, has bought many pairs of shoes from the company, but she found out that the company has made misleading representations revolving around its wool shoe products. 

She contended that the company’s partner business, ZQ Merino, where they source their shoe products’ wool, does not follow any ethical standards of product sourcing. 

The sheep where the wool was harvested were allegedly subjected to inhumane acts of gathering the material. Additionally, third-party auditors and certifiers are not always given access to the said wool harvesting farms, which may lead to coverups on the real situation happening on the ground in real-time.

More Claims Against Allbirds

On the other hand, the company’s proud statement of using crab shell materials on its shoe offerings did not provide the full details of the dark truth. Per Dwyer, the company conveniently left out the true nature of the crab harvesting industry wherein hordes of populations of the crustacean are put into peril by different harvesting tactics. 

Furthermore, the company’s environment-friendly representations were not allegedly backed up by reliable sources of information to make them true. 

The Allbirds Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to establish a Class consisting of members from New York that have also bought shoes from Allbirds, Inc. due to the company’s advertisements. 

Dwyer is serving as the case’s lead plaintiff. Furthermore, she wishes the court to order Allbirds to halt its deceptive advertising methods and pay up damages and other related fees to the case. 

About The Company

Allbirds, officially known as Allbirds, Inc., is an American-New Zealand company focused on designing, marketing, and selling different apparel and shoe products. Founded in 2016 by Tim Brown, the company reportedly made more than a hundred million dollars in revenue in 2019. Allbirds currently employs more than three hundred employees under its wing. 

Editor’s Note on Allbirds Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Falsely Marketing Its Shoe Products: 

This article features the latest report detailing a class action lawsuit filed against apparel-maker Allbirds after the company allegedly duped its customers about the truth of their shoe products’ origins. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Patricia Dwyer v. Allbirds, Inc.; Case No.: 7:21-cv-05238

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District of New York

Products/Services Involved: Allbirds’ running shoes

Allegation(s): Running shoes made by Allbirds are not really safe for the environment and were not ethically sourced. 

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