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Aldi Smoked White Cheddar Class Action – It’s Not Really Smoked!

Aldi Smoked White Cheddar Cheese Actually “Not Smoked,” Misleading Customers – Class Action 

Do you shop at your local Aldi? If yes, what do you usually buy? Aldi is a well-known grocery store chain that offers a lot of products, from fresh produce and meat products to everyday home products essentials. 

Many people find Aldi as one of their trusty business establishments they can rely on in their neighborhood; however, the retailer is facing a class action lawsuit for its alleged misdeeds to trick its customers. 

According to several news reports, Aldi is currently in hot water as a plaintiff in a class action lawsuit claimed that the company is offering and marketing its Smoked White Cheddar Cheese as “Smoked” even though it is not smoked at all. 

Michael Fleischer, the plaintiff to the lawsuit, cites a guideline from the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) in filing the lawsuit.

In it, Fleischer claims that there is a difference between food items that are smoked using traditional methods and those that are only flavored with liquid smoke.

The class action further claims that Aldi’s Smoked White Cheddar Deli Sliced cheese is, in fact, belongs to the latter food group. 

Additionally, current FDA guidelines rule that the distinction between the two should be stated in a product’s front label. Plaintiff claims that this statement is not present in Aldi’s Smoked White Cheddar Deli Sliced cheese product.

The company only uses the words to describe it as “natural smoke flavor,” which the lawsuit claims is deceptive for the actual product did not undergo any natural smoking process at all. 

A consumer who ends up double-checking the product’s description on its labels ends up with this label, which is vague and hides the true nature of the product.

Also, everyday shoppers who do not bother to even double-check is oblivious of this. 

Authorities have called out erring companies in the past regarding this issue, with the FDA handing out two warning letters admonishing business entities. 

Fleischer also suggests that Aldi has violated state laws aimed to protect everyday consumers as well as claims of negligent misrepresentation, breaching their warranty provisions, and unjust enrichment. 

The Aldi Smoked White Cheddar Class Action is officially known as Fleischer et al. v. Aldi Inc. With Case No. 1:21-cv-00443, the class action lawsuit is filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern Division of New York. 

The class action is seeking the court to provide injunctive relief as well as ask Aldi to pay up monetary and statutory damages for the participating plaintiffs in the case.

Additionally, it is seeking to certify a class that consists of members hailing from New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, and Illinois. 

Editor’s Note on Aldi Smoked White Cheddar Class Action:

This article is published to inform you of the latest class action lawsuit against Aldi alleging that it is misleading its customers with the claims that the company puts in its Smoked White Cheddar Cheese product.

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