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Get to Know the Agoda False Advertising Lawsuit

Lawsuit Claims Agoda Advertises Fake Discounts!

Recently, a proposed class action lawsuit alleges that Agoda advertises fake discounts and has used it to make a false sense of urgency as a uniform policy and sales tactic. This alleged action violates several California consumer protection laws.

According to Plaintiff David E. Martinez, the Agoda class action lawsuit was filed for himself and the other consumers who secured hotel rooms in reliance on the platform’s purportedly deceptive prices and false advertising. 

The allegations state that Agoda advertised false discounts. The lawsuit asserted that the booking platform “displayed fake original prices, and regularly claimed only a few rooms were left at a hotel property to induce bookings.” 

Martinez added, “This creates a misleading impression in the mind of the consumer that they are getting a good deal on the room.”

However, the truth was that the hotel may have been nearly empty.

Have you booked a hotel due to Agoda’s allegedly deceptive advertising? Tell us your thoughts about this.

More About The Agoda False Advertising Lawsuit

Martinez revealed that this particular scheme resulted in  $25.3 billion worth of bookings total through the website and app in 2019.

Martines says, “Agoda’s claims that there are just a handful of rooms left at gargantuan properties with 1000 rooms or more are debunked by a quick visit to the hotel and inquiry at the reservations desk. They are also debunked by current events. For example, Agoda forgot to adjust its marketing scheme for the COVID-19 pandemic and kept claiming that its properties were almost (or only had a few rooms “left”) even though, in reality, the hotels were nearly empty due to the pandemic.”

In this lawsuit, Martinez alleges that Agoda violated California’s Unfair Competition Law, the False Advertising Law, and the Business and Professions Code. He also said that the company committed a breach of contract, breach of express warranty, and unjust enrichment as a result of the deception and financial harm he claims to have suffered.

Editor’s note on The Agoda False Advertising Lawsuit:

This piece is to inform you about The Agoda False Advertising Class Action Lawsuit.

If you are considered eligible to be among the class of consumers described in the article above, you may eventually be able to participate in receiving any compensation the court may award.

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