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Aeropostale False Discount Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Aeropostale False Discount Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Deceiving Customers Into Buying More…

Aeropostale Engaged In Misleading Price Referencing Tactics To Trick Customers – Class Action

Apparel and accessories company Aeropostale is in the middle of a class action lawsuit after they were accused of introducing deceptive and untrue price discount promotions to its customers concerning their product offerings. 

Filed in a Superior Court in California, the Aeropostale Fake Discount Class Action Lawsuit detailed how Aeropostale, or simply Aero, allegedly duped their customer base into believing that they are getting a huge bargain deal on their discounted price, yet the truth is entirely different. 

James Andrews, the leading complainant in the class action lawsuit, argued that Aeropostale has engaged in illegal price referencing tactics to trick buyers into thinking that they have stumbled upon a great steal with the clothing company’s steep price markdowns. 

It is alleged that the company is trying to market to the public that they are slashing off half the regular prices of their offerings. 

But, Andrews shared that Aeropostale, in fact, is just making up these reference prices which ultimately leads to customers not enjoying the discounts they believe they are getting when making a purchase. 

He detailed that he bought two items from the apparel company, believing he was getting a bang for his buck when he learned of the alleged discounts. However, to his dismay, he later found out that he fell victim to the company’s deceptive and malicious reference pricing methods. 

Aeropostale False Discount Class Action Details

The class action contended that Aeropostale has done this tricky scheme in order to make customers believe that they are at an advantage with the reduced prices being advertised, yet they are kept out of the truth. 

In addition, the lawsuit presented information that seemingly backed the fact that most consumers are enticed to make a purchase if they are made to believe that they are getting a deal that is hard to pass off. 

Andrews asserted that Aeropostale’s actions have violated different consumer protection statutes in the state of California. 

Furthermore, he lamented that the company had profited immensely from the deceptive price referencing methods they have employed over the years. As a consequence, other companies that do not take part in such alleged tactics are continuously harmed by Aeropostale’s actions. 

The False Discount Class Action Lawsuit is asking the court to allow the formation of a Class that would consist of Californian Aeropostale customers who have made purchases with the company believing that they were getting a huge markdown deal on their items. 

About Aeropostale

Aeropostale Opco LLC, simply called Aeropostale or Aero in this article, is an apparel and accessories company that primarily sells and markets to the young adult demographic. Founded in 1987 in California, the company is responsible for its whole supplies and sales chain to protect and be in control of its brands. 

Editor’s Note on Aeropostale False Discount Class Action Lawsuit 2021: 

This article aims to inform you of the price referencing allegations raised against Aeropostale by a disgruntled customer who has bought merchandise from them. 

Case Name: James Andrews v. Aero Opco LLC, et al.

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of the State of California City and County of Riverside

Products/Services Involved: Discount on Aeropostale apparel and accessories offerings

Allegation(s): Aeropostale has engaged in illegal and misleading price referencing methods. 

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