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ADT Telesforo Aviles Class Action Lawsuit Continues As Lead Plaintiff Doty Denies The Settlement

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ADT Telesforo Aviles Class Action Lawsuit Continues – Lead Plaintiff Doty Denies The Settlement…

Settlement Not A Viable Option, Class Action Proceedings Filed Against ADT To Push Through

Owners of home security systems from ADT that were reportedly used to spy on their personal activities want to push through with the class action proceedings instead of taking the route to a possible settlement agreement. 

Plaintiff Shana Doty Remains Unmoved And Still Wants To Push Through With Proceedings 

Led by complainant Shana Doty, the ADT Privacy Class Action Lawsuit is pressing the court to allow the legal proceedings to push through instead of a settlement. 

The class action was filed by Doty after she found out that the Pulse home security system made by ADT Security Services was used for snooping on her family’s activities at home. 

It is said that ADT Security System’s former employee and technician Telesforo Aviles took advantage of a loophole in the company’s protocol to tamper with ADT’s customers’ privacy. 

The said loophole involved ADT Security Services’ officials implementing an ‘honor system’ wherein it gave their employees the absolute benefit of the doubt that they would not use the company’s resources to pry on their customers. 

Doty claimed that the company’s policy allowed one of their former employees to gain unauthorized access to customer’s homes, including hers. It is said that Aviles ended up victimizing more than 200 families under ADT’s nose for up to seven years through the Pulse security system installed in their houses. 

In fact, when the truth was revealed, it was a home security client and not the company itself that was able to notice the actions of the ADT Security Services employee and exposed the facts. 

ADT Settlement Out Of The Picture, Class Action Is The Way To Go 

To control the situation, ADT immediately dismissed Aviles and reached out to the families whose privacy was compromised. Some caved in and accepted the settlement offer presented by ADT Security Services, while Doty and a handful chose not to push through with the settlement and filed a class action suit instead. 

Plaintiff Shana Doty claimed that she believed that ADT settlement terms were not enough. The most proper, appropriate, and financially sound option to take is to press charges against the home security company and to stick to their guns no matter what. 

Filed in a Florida court, the ADT Privacy Class Action Lawsuit contended in their latest court filing that the plaintiff wishes to push through with the case. 

Additionally, Doty is asking the judge to allow her to form and represent a Class group consisting of ADT customers whose Pulse security system was compromised by the company’s former employee Aviles. 

Charges thrown against ADT Security Services include negligence, damages, and the like. 

As of writing, Telesforo Aviles is already serving a sentence in prison after he got convicted for his actions. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to cover developments in this case as soon as the new information is made available to the public.

About ADT Security Services

ADT Security Services is a security company that provides security services and solutions to homes and businesses in the United States. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, the company was founded in 1874 by Edward Calahan. As of the year 2020, the company has made $5.3 billion in revenue.

Editor’s Note on ADT Telesforo Aviles Class Action Lawsuit Continues – Lead Plaintiff Doty Denies The Settlement: 

This article discussion shows the latest event in the class-action lawsuit filed against ADT Security Services by one of the victims of the allegedly widespread privacy breach incident that affected hundreds of homeowners. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Shana Doty v. ADT LLC, et al.; Case No.: 0:21-cv-60715-XXXX

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida 

Products/Services Involved: ADT Security Services’ Pulse security system

Allegation(s): ADT Security Services’ lax policies allowed one of its former employees to hijack the company’s security systems to barge in on their customers’ privacy. 

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