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ADT Privacy Class Action Lawsuit Former Employee Telesforo Aviles

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ADT Privacy Class Action Lawsuit – Former Employee Telesforo Aviles Secretly Watched Customers…

ADT Negligence Allowed Former Employee To Snoop On Customers’ Privacy, Class Action Claims 

A latest class action lawsuit is accusing home security solutions company ADT Security Services of negligence after a former employee exploited a loophole that allowed them to spy on customers in their own homes with the company’s security solutions products. 

Filed in a federal court in the state of Florida, lead plaintiff Randy Doty alleged that ADT Security was negligent with its policies which led former company employee Telesforo Aviles to be able to snoop on their family’s private space without their permission.

Doty continued that this did not just happen to him but also to countless families all over the country that have availed themselves of ADT’s home security solution products and services. 

Doty shared that he purchased ADT’s Pulse security system in 2014. The Pulse system included an in-home live camera feature in the security system package offering. 

But after a few years of subscription, Doty’s wife reportedly received a call from the company saying that their privacy has been compromised by their former technician. 

It was reported that Aviles was able to grant himself access to the company’s security system when he was installing the security package in customers’ homes. 

With his access, he was able to view customers’ homes; some even include intimate moments. 

This lasted for years, and he has done it for his own sexual gratification. An internal investigation showed that Aviles had illegally intercepted access to at least 200 customer accounts.

Doty’s spouse was rattled after receiving the call informing her that the ADT technician was able to watch over them for more than six years after they have gotten their Pulse system installed on their home’s premises.

ADT offered to provide monetary compensation to them and other similarly situated customers, but the husband and wife Doty decided to file a separate class action lawsuit against the security company. 

The matriarch Doty filed one in Texas while her husband did so in Florida. 

The ADT Security Breach Class Action argued that ADT prided itself on its top-notch home security products and solutions, yet it has failed to secure its clientele’s privacy from malicious individuals being able to access and take advantage of a policy loophole. 

Though they, alongside other victims as well, were offered a monetary compensation package, the Dotys believe that the “mental and emotional impact” the incident has caused them is “immeasurable.” 

Plaintiff Doty is filing a class action lawsuit against ADT and its former employee Aviles on charges of intrusion upon seclusion, negligence, privacy monitoring, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. 

He is also seeking to establish and represent Subclasses involving individuals that have gotten their privacy compromised without authorization from the official account holders and whose privacy was trespassed by Aviles. 

Editor’s Note on ADT Privacy Class Action Lawsuit: 

This latest feature aims to give you the details on the class action lawsuit filed against home security solutions company ADT for its negligence that allowed a former technician to compromise on their customers’ privacy. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Doty v. ADT LLC, et al., Case No.: 0:21-cv-60715-XXXX

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida Fort Lauderdale Division

Products/Services Involved: ADT home security solution products and services

Allegation(s): A former ADT technician took advantage of a company loophole to peep on customers’ homes through the installed cameras and other security devices they have availed for their homes

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