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What You Need To Know About the Acana & Orijen Pet Food Allegations Consider The Consumer

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What You Need To Know About the Acana & Orijen Pet Food Allegations

What’s Going on with Acana & Orijen Pet Food?

You may have used Acana and Orijen petfood products for your furry companions. If that is the case, what may have enticed you to the aforementioned products? Is it the way they are packaged? The imagery present? The labels? Whatever product or service it may be, the way they are packaged and presented to us play a crucial role in whether we buy something or not. Read on to find out more on the Acana & Orijen Petfood Allegations.

With that being said, some companies are accused and were found of abusing their discretion and misleading consumers time and time again through their marketing tactics. 

This year, Champion Petfoods, the company behind the Acana and Orijen product line is being investigated for their alleged misdeeds. Want to know the situation even more as a consumer? Don’t worry, we here at Consider The Consumer have compiled the things that you need to know about the matter. Just continue reading on to learn more. 

  • Champion Petfoods may have done false and deceptive advertising on their Acana and Orijen products

Two separate non-profit organizations have moved forward and accused the Canada-based company of misdeeds, in particular, by doing false and deceptive advertising on their products. The claims that they have put and included on their products were contended to be untrue and may have led customers to purchase their products not knowing the whole truth. 

  • The claims were focused on particular labels on the products

Acana and Orijen’s labels containing “free-run poultry” and/or “wild-caught fish” have caught the ire of several individuals who argue that they are rather incorrect. There are a large number of Acana and Orijen products that contain the said labels which are said to be untrue. In fact, there are over forty items ranging from different varieties of cat and dog food products. 

  • The fish used in Champion Petfood’s Acana and Orijen product line allegedly doesn’t come from the wild

According to Animal Equality, one of the non-profits who are challenging Champion Petfoods, though the company claims that its cat and dog food products are only made of wild-caught fish, the company actually sources its fish from the State of Idaho. It is there where most rainbow trouts, the ingredient present in Champion Petfoods’ products, are sourced in large-scale industrial fish farms. 

The same non-profit also commissioned an independent laboratory test and found out that the fish present in Acana and Orijen products contained a chemical that is used as a feed additive in most fish farms. 

  • The poultry meat used in Acana and Orijen is alleged to have not come from “free-run poultry”

On the other hand, another group has claimed that the label “free-run poultry” contained in Champion Petfoods’ label holds no water as well. They contend that the company is sourcing their poultry from a contact grower that also supplies food-giant Tyson Foods. 

They believe that the chickens were not given freedom of movement and were only raised in cramped, large industrial-scale farm environments. Ergo, they argue, that the company can’t go with their claim of only having used “free-run poultry” in their products. 

Editor’s note on The Acana and Orijen Pet Food Allegations:

This news feature is created to give you the breakdown of the investigation being conducted on Champion Petfoods products. If you have any questions or queries regarding this piece of news and its updates, please send us a via button below! We’d love to hear from you. 

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