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Learn About the Abilify Class Action Lawsuit

Patients report ill side-effects when using Abilify 

Multiple users have reported developing different compulsive behaviors after using Abilify, several media outlets share. 

Abilify is an antipsychotic medication produced by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Bristol-Myers Squibb. These two companies are based in Japan and the United States.

The drug is mainly used to treat moderate to severe manic episodes of Bipolar I Disorder. It is also used to help patients prevent future manic episodes when they have either experienced the same aforementioned predicament in the past or they have successfully responded to treatment involving aripiprazole. 

Abilify was considered a groundbreaking treatment for schizophrenia when it was first introduced to the United States in the early 2000s, shares Amy Keller, RN of The initial reception of the drug was very positive as people saw it as a new means for them to achieve mental health wellness. 

However, as more and more mental health patients were prescribed by their physicians and trusted health providers the drug, the unwanted and serious effects of the drugs soon surface. 

Several users have reported experiencing different uncontrollable urges ranging from excessive gambling, shopping, eating, and even having sex. 

Denise Miley, a resident of Minnesota, has reportedly started to experience the effects of Abilify after using it to cure their depression and anxiety in 2014. This lead to them being drawn to gambling which caused them to experience financial ruin before being put into medical care and was asked to stop using the drug. 

A lot of individuals have experienced the same fate as Miley as they were also helpless when the call to gamble, eat, shop, and have sex was knocking at their doorstep. 

They believe that have they known the ill side effects of the drug, they would not have purchased and used it in the first place. 

More and more people’s personal stories after using the drug will soon arise as the general populace has been made aware of the issue. 

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