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Abbvie CoolSculpting Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Abbvie CoolSculpting Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Weight Loss Treatment Leads To Hard Lumps Surgery…

Class Action: Abbvie’s CoolSculpting System Doesn’t Burn Fat; Instead, It Leaves Deformities To Patients 

Abbvie, Inc., the company behind the CoolSculpting System, is facing a class action lawsuit from their customers after their procedure ended up deforming their bodies which now required them to seek costly surgery to correct the defects allegedly caused by the company’s fat eliminating technology. 

Former Ailing CoolScultping Patients Sue Abbvie In Court 

Filed in a federal court in the state of California, a group of complainants has sued Abbvie Inc. for their CoolSculpting weight loss technology that allegedly caused each of them to form hard lumps on areas where they sought treatment. 

Plaintiffs Paula Brooks, Phornphan Chubchai, Javier Valencia, and Michelle McGoldrick all underwent Abbvie’s CoolSculpting treatments in a bid to eliminate stubborn fats present in certain areas of their bodies. 

Abbvie reportedly endorsed their CoolSculpting technology as a nonsurgical option that their customers can avail to permanently eliminate hard-to-remove fats without going under the needle. 

The group booked themselves cycles of treatments hoping that it would help them say goodbye to the unwanted fats on their bodies once and for all. 

However, all of them developed hard lumps on their bodies after undergoing CoolSculpting treatments. It was later found out that they are suffering from an ailment known as Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia or PAH. 

Instead of losing fat, the complainants ended up with tissue overgrowth in bodily areas that were subjected to Abbvie’s CoolSculpting technology. At first, they were at a loss, and even doctors did not know their right diagnosis. But the truth became apparent soon after. 

Now many of them are left to deal with the hard lumps resulting from Abbvie’s CoolSculpting treatments. It is said that they would need to seek surgery to have them permanently removed. 

The reason behind this is that the tissue growth caused by PAH does not respond to any weight loss treatment or regimen taken with its permanent elimination in mind. 

Class Action Details

The Abbvie CoolSculpting Class Action Lawsuit is seeking to hold Abbvie, Inc. accountable for their alleged misdeeds in court. The plaintiffs argued that the company actually knew that their CoolSculpting fat-burning technology can possibly cause PAH on people, yet they failed to disclose it to their customers. 

Due to this, it is possible that thousands of patients who have undergone a treatment session with the company’s fat-reducing machine are being adversely affected and hurt in the process. 

The complainants are leading the charge to ask for the court’s permission to form and represent a Class consisting of members nationwide who have undergone treatments using Abbvie’s CoolSculpting technique. 

In addition, a Subclass for those who have undergone the CoolSculpting procedure that ended up with PAH is being proposed along with the Nationwide Class. 

Abbvie Inc. is officially facing different charges in court ranging from product liability, negligence to fraudulent misrepresentation and concealment. Furthermore, they are accused of breaking different consumer protection statutes in New York, Massachusetts, and California. 

About The Company

AbbVie, Inc, or simply AbbVie, is a company that is a part of the biopharmaceutical industry. AbbVie is responsible for researching and developing, making, and selling different pharmaceutical product offerings in the market. In this case, AbbVie is responsible for manufacturing the CoolSculpt system. 

Editor’s Note on Abbvie CoolSculpting Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This feature shows the latest details of the class action filed against the maker of the CoolSculpt fat elimination system, AbbVie, Inc. The company is accused of violating different laws and regulations as well as failing to inform its customers of the possible impact of the machine on their bodies.  

Case Name(s) & No.: Phornphan Chubchai et al., v. AbbVie, Inc.; Case No.: 3:21-cv-04099

Jurisdiction: United States District Court Northern District of California San Francisco Division

Products/Services Involved: CoolScuplt System by AbbVie

Allegation(s): The CoolSculpt System does not burn stubborn fats in the body; instead, they help form hard lumps that need to be surgically removed due to their stubbornness.

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