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Abandoned Cart Text TCPA Class Action Investigation – Forgot Items In Your Online Shopping Cart?

All You Need To Know About The Texts That You Receive When You Forget Something On Your Online Shopping Cart 

Admit it or not, you can’t help yourself but keep scrolling on your phone’s screen the last few months due to the stay-at-home orders and advisories released by government officials and authorities due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

We can only do so much while we are all stuck in quarantine at home, right? 

From rediscovering a hobby that has gone unnoticed for the past few years to reconnecting with old friends and acquaintances, we have almost done it all. 

Though the vaccines are being rolled out at a much faster pace, authorities are reminding everybody that it would take much longer for the situation to settle down to a state of ‘normal.’ 

For now, we are all stuck in dealing with the current situation head-on, in order for all of us to move forward and past this ongoing worldwide public health crisis. 

One such thing that COVID-19 helps push forward to new heights is the online merchandise and selling industry. 

Because of social distancing and mandated social restrictions, many people that are stuck at home end up doing their shopping online. 

The e-commerce industry is growing at strong rates the previous years, but it exponentially exploded when COVID-19 happened. 

This led to many e-commerce companies scoring big gains and forced other companies, big or small, to adopt an e-commerce strategy or two in order to keep up in the changing times.

For e-commerce companies, this opportunity is a must, and they will go to extra steps just to have a customer reconsider and proceed with the checkout process. This is where an abandoned cart text message comes in. 

Abandoned Cart Text Messages: What Are They And Are They Legal?

An abandoned cart text message is a tactic a company uses to increase the probability of a sale. 

It is usually done through a personalized text message that aims to woo a customer to go back to their abandoned items on their online cart and continue on with the checkout process. 

If done right, marketing analysts share, abandoned cart text messages can be used as an indispensable tool for pushing sales figures annually. 

Though it may sound and look personalized, this type of message is usually sent out by an automated tool using the customer’s personal information. 

The question of its legality lies in the mandated provisions of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA. 

The TCPA is a federally enacted law aiming to provide consumer protection from unwanted messages. 

Abandoned cart text messages are perfectly legal if the company has obtained the express prior consent of a customer before sending them out. 

Companies usually do this by explaining through their Terms of Use declaration that they will send out marketing messages to customers if they allow them. 

Customers can tap out of this scheme whenever they feel like it and they would only need to notify the company so that they would halt the sending of unwanted messages. 

However, it is illegal for a company to send out abandoned cart text messages when they have not asked for the prior permission of the recipient customer. 

If you believe that you are a victim of this scheme and have received unwanted abandoned cart text messages without your prior consent, we would like to hear more about your story. 

Send them over through our official communications channel below. 

Editor’s Note on Abandoned Cart Text TCPA Class Action Investigation:

This feature article aims to give you a quick overview of what type of text message you receive after leaving an item in your cart online. 

We aim to give a quick rundown of its nature, why businesses use it, and are they even legal to begin with. 

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