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7-Eleven Wasabi Snack Class Action Lawsuit

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7-Eleven Wasabi Snack Class Action Lawsuit – Using Fake Wasabi Instead Of Real Ones?

7-Eleven Wasabi Delight Snack Contains No Real Wasabi, Class Action Alleges

According to a proposed class action, 7-Eleven’s private label Wasabi Delight Flavored Snack Mix is labeled falsely, as it includes no real wasabi.

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What’s Fake and What’s Real

According to the 7-Eleven Wasabi Snack Class Action Lawsuit, the 7-Eleven snack mix contains just crunchy wasabi peanuts as well as wasabi green peas that are flavored with artificial wasabi flavor and artificial wasabi powder. In addition, the wasabi powder is not made from real wasabi — a Japanese spice derived from a cabbage family plant — but rather from maltodextrin and mustard seed.

Moreover, much of what is offered outside Japan as “wasabi” is a mixture of horseradish, mustard seeds, and artificial colors.

Historically, the popular Japanese snack consisted of roasted or fried legumes — peanuts, soybeans, or peas — coated in wasabi powder mixed with sugar, salt, or oil and eaten as a crunchy snack, the lawsuit states, emphasizing that these wasabi snacks are created with real wasabi.

According to the 7-Eleven Wasabi Snack Class Action Lawsuit, genuine wasabi tastes bright and strong, with a brief burst of heat, and is regarded for its nutritional and antioxidant properties; fake wasabi burns much hotter and longer than real wasabi due to its horseradish and mustard ingredients.

The case asserts that 7-Eleven, in an attempt to capitalize on the growing demand for wasabi snacks, promoted and branded its snack mix product to imply the product is prepared with real wasabi. Further, the product’s labeling as “Wasabi Delight Flavored Snack Mix,” along with an image of chopsticks clutching a wasabi pea and a statement that the mix comprises crunchy wasabi peanuts and green peas, conveys to consumers that the snack contains wasabi.

Oscar Ithier v. 7-Eleven, Inc.

Federal and state regulations mandate that foods branded “wasabi” declare the source of their distinctive flavor, i.e., whether they are prepared with real wasabi components or alternative sources. 

Consumers have grown accustomed to seeing the source of a food’s flavor disclosed on the front label.

Furthermore, the lawsuit asserts that the dyed peas and peanuts in the snack mix contribute to the deceptive impression that the snack contains wasabi.

Reasonable customers must and do rely on a business to accurately identify and describe a product’s components, traits, and features in comparison to other comparable goods or alternatives, the 7-Eleven Wasabi Snack Class Action Lawsuit claims. 

The defendant gained an advantage over other companies and consumers looking to purchase a product that had some wasabi and did not include artificial wasabi flavor by labeling the product in this manner.

The plaintiff seeks to represent consumers in:

  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Rhode Island
  • Michigan
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • Kansas
  • Wyoming, and
  • Delaware 

The case seeks preliminary and permanent injunctive relief directing the defendant to correct the questioned practices to bring them into compliance with the law.

Editor’s Note on 7-Eleven Wasabi Snack Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of thecase filed against 7-Eleven, Inc. over allegedly falsely labeling its private-label Wasabi Delight Flavored Snack Mix. You might also be interested in the 7-Eleven’s Natural Energy Drinks Lawsuit.

Case Name & No.: Oscar Ithier v. 7-Eleven, Inc., Case No. 7:21-cv-09405

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, White Plains

Allegations: 7-Eleven’s private-labeled Wasabi Delight Flavored Snack Mix is allegedly falsely labeled.

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