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7-Eleven Natural Energy Shots Class Action Lawsuit – Using Artificial Ingredients In Naturally Flavored Drinks?

7-Eleven’s Energy Shot Products Are Not Actually ‘Naturally Flavored’ And Are Falsely Advertised: CLASS ACTION

A complainant has filed a class action lawsuit against 7-Eleven after it allegedly falsely advertised its lime and watermelon energy products as naturally flavored.

Derrick Dildine v. 7-Eleven, Inc.

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Filed by plaintiff Derrik Dildine, the 7-Eleven Natural Energy Shots Class Action Lawsuit claims that the convenience store chain falsely advertises its 7-Eleven Extra Strength Energy shots as naturally flavored. However, they are made with artificial flavors and other ingredients. 

The complainant shares that independent testing has shown that the substance used in the energy shots contains a chemical called DL-Malic Acid. It is a synthetic alternative to L-Malic Acid, a natural flavoring responsible for the taste of tartness. 

Additionally, it is believed that the DL-Malic Acid used by 7-Eleven is derived from petroleum manufacturing and is a lot cheaper compared to its naturally occurring counterpart. 

In spite of the fact that 7-Eleven uses a man-made flavoring agent for its energy shot products, the company reportedly used different misleading and untrue marketing tactics to allegedly trick everyday consumers. 

Different advertising methods range from the use of statements such as ‘100% Natural Flavors’ to the addition of suggestive imagery pieces like pictures of fruits to the packaging design.

More Information About The Derrick Dildine v. 7-Eleven, Inc. Class Action

Dildine continues that he has bought the 7-Eleven Extra Strength Energy shots, believing they are naturally flavored. 

He adds that had he known the truth, he and others would not have bought the mentioned product or would not have paid extra money for a lesser-valued item. 

The 7-Eleven Natural Energy Shots Class Action Lawsuit aims to take 7-Eleven to court for the following charges: breach of warranty, fraud, violation of different business and consumer fraud laws, and others. 

Furthermore, it wants to form and represent different consumers living in the states of New York, Delaware, North Dakota, and Kansas who have bought the company’s energy shots after falling into its allegedly false advertising claims. 

This is yet another example of a company getting sued for reportedly marketing their products as ‘naturally flavored’ despite evidence against them that proves artificial agents are used during each item’s manufacturing process. 

Editor’s Note on 7-Eleven Natural Energy Shots Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article features the false advertising class action filed against 7-Eleven by a buyer that allegedly has fallen victim to the company’s misleading schemes.  A similar lawsuit was also filed against Coca-Cola’s Fanta Pina Colada.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Derrick Dildine v. 7-Eleven, Inc.; Case No.: 6:21-cv-06668

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Western District of New York Rochester Courthouse 

Allegation(s):7-Eleven Extra Strength Energy shots are not actually ‘naturally flavored’ as they have an artificial flavoring agent in their ingredients.  

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