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Twitter Bans Retweets and Likes on Problematic Tweets By World Leaders Consider The Consumer

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Twitter Bans Retweets and Likes on Problematic Tweets By World Leaders

Problematic Tweets by World Leaders Well, if that isn’t the most 2019 headline ever. On Tuesday, Twitter gave details on how they plans to stop the spread of problematic tweets by world leaders.  Way back in June Twitter announced that it would start labeling tweets from Government Officials who violate its rules. They company will Read More

Drug Companies Ready To Settle Opioid Claims

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Drug Companies Ready To Settle Opioid Claims For $18 Billion

Opioid Claims To Be Settled It has been reported that three major drug companies are in talks with State & Municipal Governments to settle opioid claims. These claims, along with other related cases, are looking at an $18 billion settlement over 18 years. The Wall Street Journal reported that McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Cardinal Health are Read More

Smartphones with the best battery life consider the consumer best battery in a smartphone

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Smartphones With the Best Battery Life; Which is Right For You?

Best Battery In A SmartPhone, You Ask? As our phones continue to get better and better, battery life tends to take a backseat. The unsung hero of the phone world just may be the battery, and it is absolutely a neccessity. Many manufacturers have begun opting for slimmer builds and sleeker designs over a functional Read More

The Price of Gasoline Gas Prices Falling Consider The Consumer

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The Price Of Gasoline Is Falling… Slightly. Here’s What We Know.

Gas Prices Falling? In the last week, we’ve seen the price of gasoline drop a bit lower across the country. In a few Western states, though–most notably California–the price actually increased! Per Consumer Afairs, the AAA Fuel Gauge Survey shows the national average price of regular gas is $2.64, two cents lower than last Friday. That’s Read More

Apple Repair Program Consider The Consumer

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Apple Repair Program: Fix Your Faulty iPhone 6 Devices!

Apple Repair Program Something’s gotta give? Well, something finally gave! Recently, Apple launched an Apple Repair Program for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Devices. This was launched after devices wouldn’t turn on due to a “component that may fail” error. The company apologized for the mishap. Similarly, Apple took complete responsibility for the issue. Read More

one millions dressers recalled dresser recalled consider the consumer

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One Million Dressers Recalled After Failing Government Safety Tests

Massive Dresser Recall It’s been reported that one million dressers were recalled. Two companies recalled dresser models after the products failed stability testing. The tests were conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Unfortunately, this marks the third and fourth dresser recalls in the past five months. Ridgewood Industries (Ameriwood Home) Dresser Recall Per Read More

The Best Diet For High Blood Pressure Low Blood Pressure Diet

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The Best Diet For High Blood Pressure; It Isn’t as Bland as You’d Think!

Low Blood Pressure Diet? No pressure at all.  Unfortunately, high blood pressure affects one in three Americans. Sure, medication can help control the issue for a lot of people, but, as with the majority of health conditions, healthy habits and healthful eating is also very important. Please follow along and see our tips to work Read More

Healthy Fall Foods Fall's Healthiest Foods

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Fall’s Healthiest Foods: Mix It Up a Bit This Season

Healthy Fall Foods When the Spring and Summer is upon us it’s a bit easier to mix in some healthful options into your diet. When the cold arrives, however, your produce grows out of season and, let’s face it, just isn’t as appealing! Fear not, consumers, as we’ve put together a small list for you Read More

CBD Class Action Lawsuit Investigation Consider The Consumer

Consumer Class Actions

Recent Investigations Reveal Many CBD Supplements Contain No CBD

CBD Class Action Lawsuit Investigation Uncovers Fraud CBD Supplements have recently grown in popularity claiming that they may hold a variety of health benefits for consumers. Unfortunately, however, recent third-party testing has revealed that many CBD products don’t contain the amount of CBD claimed on the packaging. Even worse, studies show some CBD products don’t Read More

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Millennials Are Bigger Targets for Scammers Than Seniors

In 2018, millennials reported losing money to a fraud or scam 43% of the time compared to seniors who reported losing money only 15% of the time.

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GM Kept Selling Camaro Key Fobs They Already Recalled

Despite recalling the key fobs in 2014, GM somehow never stopped selling the fobs as replacements. They are now recalling the fobs again.

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Safety Alert: Lipari Food Recalls Chicken Salad Products in 15 States

The recall is due to potential contamination of the product with Listeria monocytogenes. No adverse reactions have been reported in relation to this recall.

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Juul Drops Fight to Overturn San Francisco Anti-Vaping Law

Juul was the primary funding source for “yes” on Prop C, a law that would legalize the sale of vaping-related products in San Francisco.

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Kale Chicken Caesar Pasta at The Fresh Market Recalled

The Kale Chicken Caesar Pasta at The Fresh Market has been recalled due to a possible listeria contamination. The Fresh Market has 160 stores in 22 states.

Honda Transmission Class Action Lawsuit Consider The Consumer

Class Actions

Honda Transmission Lawsuit: Faulty Transmissions Cause Driving Dangers

Honda Lawsuit Makes Claims of Defective Transmissions A Honda Class Action Lawsuit has been filed against American Honda Motor Company, concerning defective transmissions installed in all model-year 2017-2019 Honda Odyssey Vehicles and all model-year 2014-2019 Honda Pilot vehicles, sold or leased, to consumers in California. Per the complaint (featured below), these defective transmissions are: identical Read More