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YouTube Copyright Class Action Lawsuit 2021 - Grammy Winner Vs. Google Over Copyright Violations

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YouTube Copyright Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Grammy Winner Vs. Google Over Copyright Violations…

YouTube Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Copyright Infringement

A Grammy-winning American singer intensifies her legal battle against YouTube, claiming that copyright infringement is pervasive on the network with insufficient enforcement measures.

Maria Schneider, et al. v. YouTube LLC, et al.

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Maria Schneider, a composer and leader of a jazz orchestra, filed a class action lawsuit against YouTube and Google in a California court, alleging that the video-sharing platform failed to safeguard “ordinary creators.”

She asserts that creators are deprived of any meaningful chance to prohibit YouTube from publicly displaying works that violate their copyrights – regardless of how frequently their works have been pirated on the website before.

The YouTube copyright class action lawsuit asserts that creators and owners of copyrighted material are required to supervise YouTube content for infringement on their own via a “notice-and-takedown” process, while studios, as well as record labels, are given access to “Content ID” that streamlines the removal process.

Not only does YouTube host a variety of pirated material, but the company also profits financially from piracy via advertising revenue and the usage of personal data, according to her complaint. 

Schneider asserts that all of this occurs at the cost of copyright owners who did not provide permission for the work’s usage and do not receive compensation.

One Step Forward, One Step Back

The Youtube lawsuit has encountered some setbacks, as one of the Class representatives named in the complaint, Pirate Monitor, is said to be a fraudulent entity that has been covertly uploading and then sending takedown notices for it. Pirate Monitor has been dropped from the class action against YouTube.

Schneider amended her case in July, enlisting two new Class representatives — AST Publishing and Uniglobe Entertainment, LLC — and dozens of allegedly infringed works.

YouTube and Google argued in court that the motion should be denied, claiming they had spent countless hours on the matter and it was constantly changing and delaying.

The companies supposedly told the court that the proposed amendments, which include adding two new parties as class representatives, arise only after discovering identified severe flaws in Schneider’s claims. Pirate Monitor’s claims were dismissed with prejudice under suspicion of fraudulent behavior.

Schneider’s request for leave follows her shifting sands approach in the litigation. Her initial complaint named only three copyrighted works and did not mention any claimed violation of those works on YouTube.

On the other hand, Schneider responded last week, claiming that she is fully within her rights to amend her complaint and that YouTube and Google were also responsible for significant delays.

Editor’s Note on YouTube Class Action Lawsuit:

This article is written to inform you of the class action lawsuit against YouTube over alleged copyright infringement. YouTube is facing a similar case concerning copyrights of small companies.

Case Name & No.: Maria Schneider, et al. v. YouTube LLC, et al., Case No. 5:20-cv-04423

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court – Northern District of California

Products/Services: Copyright

Allegations: YouTube allegedly failed to safeguard “ordinary creators” copyrights

Status: Pending

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