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Travis Scott Astroworld Lawsuit

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Travis Scott Astroworld Lawsuit – Multiple Class Actions After Deaths & Injuries At The Astroworld Music Festival

Travis Scott And Entertainment Companies In Hot Water As Cases In Relation To His Astroworld Concert Start To Flood In 

A number of lawsuits have been filed against entertainer Travis Scott and a group of other event organizers and concert companies a few days after a disastrous performance by the singer at the Astroworld Music Festival in Texas. 

Astroworld Music Festival Victims File Different Class Actions, Demand Payment Exceeding $3 Billion

Victims of the deadly Astroworld Music Festival together ask for more than $3 billion in a series of class action lawsuits filed against the event organizer and rap artist Travis Scott. 

Legal Suits Filed Against Astroworld Organizers, Companies, And Travis Scott Pile Up

Per the latest count released by the media, it is believed that there is a growing number of class action suits filed in relation to the purported negligence to the safety of the concertgoers that attended the Texas music festival.

The number now stands at more than 150 lawsuits naming Live Nation, Travis Scott and Drake, and others. Legal experts believe that the increasing number of similar class actions may lead to a single court consolidating and hearing all of them. Updates will be reported as soon as they are made available. 

Manuel Souza v. Scoremore LLC, et al.

Click to access Manuel-Souza-v.-Scoremore-LLC-et-al..pdf

The Disaster 

Reports broke out that at least eight concert attendees have lost their lives due to the injuries they sustained while attending Scott’s Astroworld performance at the NRG Stadium. 

In addition, there were also a large number of injured people that required medical attention. Estimates suggest that about 300 persons have suffered from injuries of varying degrees.  

It is believed that a crowd consisting of tens of thousands of concert-goers surging to the frontstage to get near to the performer has caused the abovementioned untimely deaths and physical harm inflicted on the victims. 

Travis has reached out to the families of the deceased and has offered to foot the funeral bills and other expenses they have incurred throughout the whole process. 

Cases Similar To Manuel Souza

The mentioned class actions came after the few first cases that were filed, like the Manuel Souza v. Scoremore LLC, et al. legal case, in the wake of the deadly event.

The slew of legal cases brought up is in response to the deadly events that transpired during the Astroworld Music Festival. Attendees reported that security protocols were not met during the event, injured individuals’ pleas for help were not attended to, and more that led to injuries. 

Officially, authorities have shared that there were nine fatalities directly attributed to the unfortunate gathering that transpired. 

Consider The Consumer will continue to bring you the latest developments in the Astroworld Music Festival Travis Scott Class Action.  

Editor’s Note on Travis Scott Astroworld Lawsuit: 

This news blog aims to provide you with the latest developments in the legal cases filed against the rapper and entertainer Scott Travis and a group of entertainment and concert companies stressing the deaths and injuries in the Astroworld music festival. A lawsuit was also filed against Scott’s Agave Spiked Cacti Beer.

Case Name(s) & No.: Manuel Souza v. Scoremore LLC, et al.; Case No.: 2021-73135  

Jurisdiction: 334th District Court of Harris County

Allegation(s): Scott Travis and the companies that worked with him are liable for the tragedies that took place at the Astroworld Music Festival 2021.     

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