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Texas Power Grid Failure Lawsuit

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Texas Power Grid Failure/Property Damage & Injury Class Lawsuit Investigation

Be it for property damage or injury from the Texas storm, if you have a home or private property that was affected by the recent Texas power grid failure, check this article out to see if you can include yourself in the investigations.

The storms caused power blackouts in mid-February in many states across the country, which included Texas.

Their power grid got hit, and over four million people experienced power outages in the freezing winter of the 16th of February.

The winter storm was a natural disaster, but there was damage not because of the storm but because of the outages that occurred.

Many people suffered because of it, ranging from property damages to injuries or death. 

A lot has happened because of the Texas winter storm, and it might take weeks or months before they may know the full-blown impact.

What Happened During the Storm?

Snowstorms left many people without power in the middle of February for several days. 

But as the people in Texas tried to increase the temperatures to prepare themselves for the cold, out goes the light. 

Wind turbines couldn’t move, natural gas plants and nuclear reactors shut down due to frozen pipes.

According to NBC News, the rolling blackouts started, and with the Texas power grid vulnerable to extreme winter temperatures and are very much isolated from other grids in the US was called a human-made disaster on top of a natural one.

There was a cold front in 2011 in Texas that brought the power grid’s vulnerabilities to light, but the power producers did nothing to address the issue. 

To compress the problem, the power producers also failed to have enough reserve power capacity on hand.

The power system in Texas is operated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), which operates independently and is completely separate from other grids. 

That meant it could not get energy from other grids in cases of emergency.

What was the resulting damage in properties?

The severe winter conditions came with a lot of property damage for everyone.

  1. Burst and broken pipes
  2. Collapsed roofs
  3. Collapsed ceilings
  4. Water damage
  5. Flooding
  6. Damaged furniture and other belongings

Texas grid failure damage lawsuit investigation

There were also other problems that they had to contend with, and some are also estimating it might take weeks or months before everyone can recover.

As some residents had to sleep in hotels or other forms of paid accommodations before they can go back to their homes, it meant a lot more costs they had to shell out money for.

But with the outages that occurred, it was absurd for some that there were people who have been hit with high amounts of electricity bills, which are already subject to class action lawsuits.

Power is back for many people, although the problem doesn’t stop with the outages. 

Texas is now facing water infrastructure issues, and because of pipes freezing during the storm, there was also the possibility of pipes and water lines bursting in the upcoming days.

People with water are advised to make sure it’s boiled before drinking them.

Injuries and Fatalities

It will take long before they can narrow the death toll down, but they know the causes, which includes the following:

  1. Hypothermia
  2. Carbon monoxide poisoning because of their desire to stay warm
  3. House fires
  4. Falls on ice
  5. Unable to get medical attention or treatment
  6. Car crashes and others

Editor’s Note on Texas Power Grid Failure/Property Damage & Injury Class Lawsuit Investigation:

This feature is published to create awareness of the class action lawsuit investigation going-on in the US for the damages or injuries occurred from Texas Power Grid Failure.

What are your thoughts on this piece? Are you affected?

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