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Surprise Medical Bill Class Action Lawsuit Investigation – Got Charged More Than Expected?

Legal Authorities Launch Probe Into Surprise Medical Billing, Ask Victims To Move Forward With Their Stories 

Have you been out to your local hospital before? Chances are that you have been a victim of a surprise bill or two.

This phenomenon occurs when you receive medical care from a professional healthcare official or a medical facility that is not covered by your healthcare insurance. 

In fact, according to recent polls, one in every four Americans share that they have received a surprise bill after getting medical attention. 

Described by its name per se, patients are literally taken by surprise because these bills can from a few thousand dollars to up to hundreds of thousands depending on the medical treatment and other factors. 

One Austin patient who needed life-saving surgery after suffering a heart attack ended up with a surprise medical bill of more than $100,000.

However, they ensured that the hospital they went through for treatment is covered by their health insurer. 

These surprise bills add to the stress a patient and their family is already experiencing after being inflicted by a health issue. 

Some even end up carrying with them the burden of debt while trying to recover from a life-threatening health crisis. 

Cases of such incidents happen around the country. In fact, in Texas, there have been so many cases of medical surprise billing that its Department of Insurance is being bombarded with a lot of cases of patients trying to renegotiate their astronomical fees. 

There have been several state-level laws passed all over the country in order to combat this, yet for years Congress has been reluctant to pass any federal law that would totally set forth a solution to this issue. 

This is thanks in part to big and influential lobbying groups affecting legislation. 

Nevertheless, many health advocates applaud Congress’s move to partially provide a solution to this problem. 

Late last year, both the Senate and House of Representatives have passed the second COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease-2019) relief package. 

Tucked in it is a provision that aims to require medical health insurers and health providers to settle surprise bills.

It is a far cry from what many people have longed for, but it is a great step forward to the right track.

Now there are established mechanisms that would help minimize the shock of impact a surprise medical bill brings with it. 

Surprise medical bill

Victims Of Surprise Medical Bills Share Your Story Now

Though the federal law’s provisions will take into full effect soon next year, the issue of surprise medical billing still persists to this day.

It hurts the everyday Americans the most who just want to receive proper medical care and attention. 

If you have fallen victim to this instance, you may be able to pursue legal action against your health insurer or the medical health provider and professional you have sought treatment from. 

Currently, legal experts are conducting a series of investigations regarding this matter all around the country, and they are on the lookout for stories like yours in order to build a strong case before launching a full-blown legal action against erring entities. 

If you have received a surprise medical bill

  • after receiving treatment from a physician that is not covered by your health insurance while you are at a hospital your insurance covers;
  • after you have used an ambulance; 
  • and/or after a surgery

Editor’s Note on Surprise Medical Bill Class Action Lawsuit Investigation:

This feature is a call to victims of surprise medical billing to move forward and share their stories. 

What are your thoughts on this piece? Have you experienced the same situation before? 

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