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Sun-Maid Class Action Claims Products Have Added Sugar

Recently, Los Angeles law firm Faruqi & Faruqi filed a consumer class action case against Sun-Maid (yes, the raisin people). The Sun-Maid class action claims deceptive advertising as the company “manufactured, labeled, packaged, marketed, and sold its products, Sun-Maid® Natural California Raisins, and Sun-Maid® California Golden Raisins, as having “No Sugar Added.”

The complaint states that consumers “purchased the Product, reasonably relying on Defendant’s improper and deceptive representation about the Products, and believing that comparable products offered by competitors not bearing the representation or a similar representation did contain added sugar and that the Products were less sugary than the comparable products. If Defendant had not included the unlawful and deceptive “No Sugar Added” representation on the Products, Plaintiff and other consumers would not have purchased the Products, would have purchased less of the Products, or would have paid significantly less for the Products. Therefore, Plaintiff and consumers have suffered injury in fact as a result of Defendant’s unlawful and deceptive practices.”

A full copy of the complaint is below for your convenience.

If you have been affected by these allegations, please contact us immediately!

We have reached out to Faruqi & Faruqi, along with Sun-Maid, and asked for any updates or comments. If and when they respond, we will give readers an update here.

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