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Starbucks Age Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit

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Starbucks Age Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit – Hiring And Promoting Young Staff Over Experienced But Older Staff…

Starbucks Discriminates Against Its Older Workers, Class Action Claims 

Starbucks is being sued in a class action lawsuit for allegedly practicing age discriminatory employment practices against its workers that are aged 40 years and up. 

Starbucks Face Worker’s Accusations In Age Discrimination Class Action

According to the Starbucks Age Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit, Starbucks is allegedly guilty of perpetrating a myriad of more favorable management tactics that work for younger personnel at the expense of its older yet more experienced workforce members. 

Filed by complainant Markel Oden, the company is accused of not accepting internal and new applications for store manager positions if they come from applicants that are over 40 years old. Furthermore, promotions and the like are also supposedly handed over to younger and less tenured personnel. 

Oden, a former store manager for Starbucks aged 59, details that they were not given any opportunity to be interviewed for a district manager career opportunity although they have been in a manager position for three years. 

The plaintiff has a colleague that is significantly younger than them that got the district supervisory job, although they have the same length of tenure.    

Besides that, Oden was let go during mid-2021 with a spotless employment record and outstanding performance ratings. Additionally, they argue that they were not given any prior notice or given a chance to apply for a much lower-level job in Starbucks. 

More Info About The Case Of Markel Oden v. Starbucks Corporation

The case, if allowed to proceed, will be heard in a Georgia-based federal court. Consider The Consumer will continue bringing you the latest information with regards to the Starbucks Age Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit

Nevertheless, Starbucks is also accused of discriminating against its employees based on their skin color, workers with disabilities, and many more. 

Editor’s Note on Starbucks Age Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit: 

This latest class action coverage provides you with initial details about the alleged discriminatory workplace practices Starbucks employs to its company members. A similar lawsuit was also filed against Eli Lilly.

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Markel Oden v. Starbucks Corporation; Case No.: 1:21-cv-04869-AT-WEJ

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the District of Georgia Atlanta Division 

Allegation(s): Starbucks discriminates against its workers based on their older age.                   

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