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Speedway Gender Pay Gap Class Action Lawsuit - Female General Managers Paid Inequally Compared To Male

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Speedway Gender Pay Gap Class Action Lawsuit – Female General Managers Paid Unequally Compared To Male…

Pennsylvania Court Permits Speedway Gender Pay Gap Lawsuit To Proceed Further In The Litigation 

The Speedway Gender Pay Gap Class Action Lawsuit will push through as a court decision has allowed for the certification of a class action filed by a group of women general managers employed by Speedway. 

Pennsylvania Judge Releases Decision In Favor Of Female Managers

United States District Judge Gerald McHugh of a Pennsylvania court has given his approval, which effectively permits the class action proceedings against Speedway to push forward. 

In his decision, Judge Mchugh argues that the collective of Speedway female managers was able to provide sufficient evidence that they were being discriminated against by their employer and were given a lower pay for their job compared to their male counterparts. 

Susan Ludwig, et al. v. Speedway LLC

The Speedway Gender Pay Gap Class Action Lawsuit is a case headed by its complainants Nancy De Block, Sheila Carrasquillo, and Susan Ludwig. All three allege that they received lower salaries compared to similarly salaried male workers who held the same position as theirs. 

De Block shares that she was paid less than $15,000 when she was a Speedway general manager. In fact, she had to mentor a male general manager due to his inexperience in the sales industry, yet the latter received a much higher paycheck compared to the former. 

Moving forward, the approved class action will cover female Speedway general managers that were salaried and employed with the company from the year 2017 to the present year. It will also include those who are currently working for Speedway. 

In an attempt to get rid of the class action during its early stages, Speedway’s legal team filed a motion pleading their case to the court. Nevertheless, the court denied its filing and indicated that its legal arguments have an avenue for discussion during the upcoming proceedings.

About The Defendant

Speedway LLC is a company that operates and owns different convenience store locations across the country. Based in Enon, Ohio, the company was founded in 1997. 

Editor’s Note on Speedway Gender Pay Gap Class Action Lawsuit: 

This article aims to provide you with the latest information about the case’s updates surrounding the discriminatory pay allegations against Speedway raised by its female manager employees. A similar lawsuit was also filed against the Syracuse University

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Susan Ludwig, et al. v. Speedway LLC; Case No.: 2:20-cv-00824

Jurisdiction: United States (U.S.) District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania

Allegation(s): Speedway pays its female managers less compared to male counterparts holding the same position and job responsibilities.     

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