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samsung galaxy phone speed lawsuit

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Samsung Galaxy Phone Speed Lawsuit’s Details

Samsung Phone Speed Slower Than What It Is? Samsung Agrees To Class Action Settlement

What is your prime motivation whenever you buy a new smartphone? Is it the camera? Is it the storage capacity? Or is it the speed? 

Some people do not mind these features at all as long as they are getting a device that would help them get through their day, but others are meticulous about it. 

In general, these people fall into a wide spectrum – from the enthusiasts to the devoted tech geeks. 

They mind the time factor in many different sections before coming up with a decision as a consumer to go with a specific brand or model of smartphone. 

There are many reasons for this. Some just want to have the latest technology embedded in a device that they can hold and show off to their peers.

Others need to determine if it would be a perfect fit for them and their technology-driven lifestyle. 

Some even pay top dollar to have with them only the best technology out there available. However, what would you feel if, say, a company ended up duping you with a product through misleading advertisements and claims?

This is the exact predicament many Samsung customers have raised regarding the smartphone maker’s alleged acts to mislead consumers through its false smartphone speed advertisement. 

The Samsung settlement has recently been announced to end the uncertainty brought upon by legal action. They have resolved to pay up $2.8 million worth of settlement to affected class members of the Samsung Class Action Lawsuit. 

The Samsung Galaxy Phone Speed Lawsuit contended that the company has misled consumers buying the Galaxy S4 that it is much faster than it is. Up to this day, the South Korean-based Samsung claims no wrongdoing.

According to the class action lawsuit’s filing, as cited on a report on Top Class Actions, this was allegedly done by preloading the phone with software intended to circumvent benchmarking tests. 

Benchmarking tests are a way to measure the performance of different components and compare them to each other. Some of these benchmark scores end up being the ultimate factor many consumers use when buying a smartphone. 

Claims have been made by California class member residents who have bought a 16GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Those who have bought their models from April 1, 2013, to July 31, 2013, were only considered eligible for the claim. The claim’s final amount is yet to be determined, but class members can get up to $10. 

The final hearing of the Samsung Phone Speed Lawsuit will be conducted in late January this year before the settlement comes into full swing. 

samsung galaxy phone speed lawsuit details

About Samsung:

Owing to its humble beginnings in South Korea, Samsung has cemented itself as the world’s largest information technology company more than 80 years after Lee Byung-Chull founded it as a humble trading store. 

The company has a solid presence in many countries worldwide – selling different consumer electronic products ranging from smartphones to kitchen appliances. 

Editor’s note on Samsung Galaxy Phone Speed Lawsuit:

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