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Sam's Club Consumer Report Class Action Lawsuit 2021

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Sam’s Club Consumer Report Class Action Lawsuit 2021 – Firing Workers On Illegally Obtained Consumer Reports?

Sam’s Club Received a Class Action Lawsuit Due to Illegally Obtaining Consumer Reports 

A job seeker in a class action lawsuit claims that Sam’s Club employed him but then illegally obtained his consumer report and utilized details to terminate him.

The Plaintiff

Jermaine Williams, the lead plaintiff, filed a nationwide class action lawsuit in Florida federal court last week. He states that he and other job seekers at Sam’s Club and its parent corporation, Walmart, have their consumer reports obtained without their consent, clearly showing violation of federal credit reporting laws – the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

And so, Williams claims that he was fired from Sam’s Club as a result of information contained in a consumer report that he was not given the opportunity to review or contest. Additionally, he has been designated as “ineligible” in Walmart’s hiring records as a result of this information, which he believes is inaccurate.

Sam’s Club and Walmart, according to the class action lawsuit, took part with an outside organization to acquire consumer reports on job seekers.

According to Plaintiff, he began his employment at Sam’s Club as a temporary employee hired via a staffing agency. He states that after accumulating the required hours, he filed for a regular position with the company. However, Williams believes that the recruiting process included getting his consumer reports.

Jermaine Williams v. Walmart, Inc.

The class action lawsuit states that obtaining consumer reports on job applicants is not a technicality. Numerous job seekers are denied employment as a result of the information contained in these reports. Additionally, the FCRA provides these job seekers with the chance to review their consumer reports and correct any derogatory information or inaccuracies.

Williams claims he was unaware his consumer reports would be accessed. Moreover, he did not receive a copy of the report as required by the FCRA.

Indeed, Plaintiff’s position short-lived after he was hired, based on the contents found in his consumer reports. Williams claims that he was not given the opportunity to evaluate the report or address any of its contents during the recruitment process. He also displays concern that the report may contain errors resulting in his termination from Sam’s Club.

The lawsuit suggests that prior to finalizing adverse employment decisions, providing a duplicate of the background report and a statement of consumer rights empowers the job seekers with the knowledge and information necessary to correct misleading, incomplete, and inaccurate consumer reports.

Williams wishes to represent nationwide Classes of Sam’s Club and Walmart applicants seeking regular and temporary positions. The class action lawsuit seeks monetary damages as fines under FCRA.

Editor’s Note on Sam’s Club Consumer Report Class Action Lawsuit 2021:

This is published to update you on the latest class action lawsuit filed against Sam’s Club due to using consumer reports illegally at its disposal.

Case Name & No.: Jermaine Williams v. Walmart, Inc., Case No. 8:21-cv-01480

Jurisdiction: U.S. District Court – Middle District of Florida Tampa Division

Products/Services: Consumer reports on job seekers

Allegations: Sam’s Club allegedly obtained consumer reports without job seekers’ consents

Status: Pending

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